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  5. Why we like the soft pink color palette?

Soft pink color palette is the favorite of many girls who are obsessed with pink. The soft pink color is full of lively and lovely youthfulness, which makes us feel full of vitality. But do you know how to properly select and use pink eyeshadow palettes? Please keep browsing!

Have you ever observed a butterfly in the sun? The lost dreamy colors make it seem like you have fallen into a fantasy world. Have you ever wanted to apply the pink dreamy color of butterfly wings to your eyes?

An elaborate gift from Perfect Diary – Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Butterfly, inspired by the animated butterfly. The entire eyeshadow palette is a girly pink shade with a delicate powder that also boasts a charming shimmering highlighter. The detailed butterfly print is very textured and is an irresistible soft pink color palette.

And the o7Color Peach of Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette from Perfect Diary is also an excellent soft pink color palette. It is more suitable for everyday makeup, and the pink series of eyeshadow palette makes you look like that innocent and cute girl in school.

So next, after choosing the right eyeshadow palette, how do you draw a glamorous pink eye makeup?

Step 1: After completing the eyebrows, use a smudge brush to dab a highlighting eye shadow and spread it over the lower part of the eyebrow bone, the eye socket and the lower eyelid to set the base of the eye makeup.

Step 2: Dab the brown eyeshadow with the coloring brush and spread it on the front half of the eyelid, and stain the edges naturally.

Step 3: Use the coloring brush to apply gray eyeshadow to the back half of the eyelid eyeliner/eye triangle/back third of the lower eyeliner, paying attention to the natural staining of the eye triangle.

Step 4: Using a topping brush, dip the pink eyeshadow and overlay the stain on the end triangle of the eye and lay it on the eyelid.

Step 5: Using a detail brush, dip into the lower pie middle color and deepen the edge of the eyelid at the corner of the eye and dip into the same color on the back half of the lower eyelid.

Step 6: Spray a wet detail brush and dip it into the middle color to draw the outer eyeliner of the upper eyelid, taking care not to pull it out.

Step 7: Using a smudge brush, dip in the highlighter color and smudge the border of the eyeshadow already painted, then dip in the bottom row of the middle color and gently sweep it towards the temple.

Step 8: Fill in the position of the sleeper silkworm with the highlighter color eyeshadow, draw the lower third of the eye line with eyeliner, draw the inner eye line with eyeliner and brush the mascara.

More possibilities for pink eyeshadow

Pink + Gold

What is the effect of mixing pink and gold together? Is it rose gold? It works amazingly well! The pink eyeshadow is applied on both upper and lower eyelids from the middle back, the first half is highlighted with gold pearl eyeshadow, and finally, the whole eye makeup is highlighted with a deep pink at the end of the eye, making it extra dazzling!

Pink + Reddish Brown

Now using colored eyeliner instead of black eyeliner has become very common, in addition to the common brown eyeliner, red eyeliner is also quite bright. It is very sexy to use a light pink pearlescent eyeshadow as a base, overlay red half-eyeliner, and then emphasize the end of the eye with brown eyeshadow.

Pink + Earth tone

Basically, it’s still an earth tone eyeshadow, then a few layers of pink pearl eyeshadow on the back half of the upper eyelid will make the eyes look very provocative and not feel disharmonious at all.

In short

Soft pink color palette is a very popular color palette and it is always on trend. When we apply pink eyeshadow, we also have to think about the harmony of the whole makeup. Overall pink eyeshadow is very easy to match, and it works very well with a bright lip gloss, or a light lipstick. If you want to explore more inspirational pairings, feel free to visit the website https://www.perfectdiary.com/.