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What does purple concealer do? Concealers have different colors. We purchase concealers based on our skin tone and skin condition. Understanding the differences between different concealers is important, which may determine the effects of using the product. Today, we guide you to have a full understanding of concealers.

The importance of concealer

No one can have flawless skin. We more or less have some imperfections on our faces like acne, pimples, freckles, etc. Concealers play the role of covering all these imperfections up. Products with strong effects can make your skin look bright and smooth. However, the premise is to buy the product right for you and use it correctly.

Different types of concealing products

According to the conditions of different areas on your face, it is suggested to use various products. For example, on the areas around your eyes, it is better to use concealers that can moisturize your skin. Besides, if you have strong dark eye circles or pouches, you should choose products with strong concealing capacity.

If you want to cover pimple scars or freckles, it is suggested to use a concealing stick so that these imperfections can be covered precisely and blend with your skin tone more naturally. In general, according to the packaging and texture, concealing products can be categorized into concealer and concealing cream.

The former is usually packed in cylindrical containers just like a crayon while the latter is packed in a powder box. The concealing cream is usually used for large area coverage while the concealer is for smaller areas like the areas around your eyes or nasolabial folds.

How to opt for the color of concealers?

Concealing products have various colors. You need to choose the right color according to your skin tone. The commonly used colors are purple, green, orange, nude, pink, and brown. The green concealer is suitable to be used on areas with pimples. That’s to say, green can well balance the redness on your face.

Then, what does purple concealer do? The purple one is excellent in lighting up your skin color if your skin tone is yellowish. The mixture of yellow and purple can make your face look fair and bright. The nude color can be applied to the areas with melanin deposition. Pink is also used to brighten your skin. Brown tends to be used for grooming.

Most concealers tend to be oily. Therefore, if you have oily skin, you need to be careful when selecting the product. For beginners, it is suggested to choose a product that can make our skin light and fair instead of pursuing complicated results.

Concealer using tips

Concealers should be applied in the correct order. The base powder goes first, then the concealing product. Why? Because when you are applying the powder later, the concealing base may be wiped out, thus generating no effects, so you need to follow the right order.

Control the amount of the product. Applying too much may make your skin color look unnatural while too less has no clear result. You may need to practice several times to find the balance. If you do not have a handy brush or other tools, there are some points you should notice when using fingers to apply the product.

Use your finger pulp instead of fingertips because the liquid may leave in your nails. Besides, patting the concealing cream out with your finger pulps rather than wiping it out can produce better makeup effects.

When finishing the concealing, gently apply a layer of loose powder so that the base makeup can last longer and be more natural. The layer can prevent dirt and dust from falling on your skin.

Products introduction

After knowing these tips, the next step is to buy a satisfying concealing product. Here, we recommend products in Perfect Diary. The concealers are of high quality and safe to use. They render a bright finish and long-lasting effects. If you are interested in these products, you can look for more information on our websites.

To sum up

We have introduced different types of concealing tools based on their finish, packaging, and color and answered the question “what does purple concealer do”. I believe after learning the knowledge, you can well understand how to pick up the right product for you.