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Are you looking for a tutorial on how to make an eyeshadow palette box? Congratulations! You found it. Once seeing a good-looking eyeshadows, we can’t help buying it, and unknowingly we stock up on a lot of palettes. But some shades of the eyeshadow palette haven’t been put into use yet, and only a few shades in a certain palette are our favorites and are applied frequently. Well, this tutorial will teach you how to put your favorite color in one eyeshadow palette box.

Our commonly used colors may be distributed in different eyeshadow palettes. In order to avoid opening several eyeshadow palettes in makeup, we can put our favorite shades in one box. This small handmade eyeshadow box can greatly save our makeup time. If you want to know how we can use a plastic box and an iron box to make an eyeshadow palette, just keep reading!

Iron Box
Step 1 Find a suitable size iron box and take out the small pieces of eyeshadow from the palette.
Since each eyeshadow in the general palette is carried on a small iron plate. You can take it out with a tweezer. Remember to be patient and pry open a little bit, as the eyeshadow is easy to be damaged if you use too much force. For some eyeshadows without iron plates, you need to scrape them out, then put them into a plate, and use tools to flatten and compact the powder.

The shades of some eyeshadow palettes are very sticky, so it is easy to break if it is hard buttoned. You can bake it on iron or plywood (remember to put a piece of paper under it when baking, oil paper is the best). Whether you are breaking the plate or taking the eyeshadow out, remember to put on gloves. Don’t do it with your naked hand! Because the heat is very high, it is easy to burn your hands. You can use an acne needle to pick them out.

Step 2 Cut out a soft magnet that fits in the box
The size of the magnet depends on the size of the box. If it can fit well into the iron box, that’s the best. The magnet plays the role of a stick so that the small iron block can be attracted to it. Use an alcohol pad to wipe the soft magnet as well as the eyeshadow that has just been removed from the palette. When the alcohol evaporates, stick the soft magnet into the eyeshadow box.

Step 3 Put all kinds of eyeshadow blocks into the iron box
It is recommended that you first list the size of each small eyeshadow plate on the paper, and use a ruler to draw the size of eyeshadow blocks so that you can make them fit the box best. Then put the eyeshadows into the iron box and you are done!

Plastic Box
We have taught you how to use an iron box to contain our favorite eyeshadows. Next, we will introduce another method for you. This plastic box was originally used to hold a beauty product that we often use in our makeup. Can you guess what it is? Yes, it is the used false eyelashes box. Let’s see how to make it now!

Step 1
You can refer to the first step above to take the eyeshadow out. Then apply glue or double-sided tape to the bottom of the plastic box. There is not much difference between the two sticks, both of them can support the light eyeshadow.

Step 2
Glue the small iron plate of eyeshadow in the plastic box, the order and position are determined according to the size of the box. In order to avoid trouble, you can see step 3 in the iron box tutorial.

Step 3
According to your preference, stick a sticker on the box surface and embellish this handmade eyeshadow box to make it look more attractive.

That’s all for the tutorial on how to make an eyeshadow palette box! We share two ways to make it, and hope it will help you. The boxes can not only put together our favorite shades for us to use but also reuse these materials to reduce resource waste. Let’s make a one-of-a-kind eyeshadow palette box together!

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