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The palettes with yellow eyeshadow are now a hit among KOLs. Who doesn’t like to do some yellow and orange eye makeup in summer? Yellow is a particularly eye-catching color. Yellow clothes will give people a sense of vitality and freshness, and they are very white and very popular. But as eye makeup, yellow is beautiful, but it is not as versatile as earth tones and reddish-brown, so yellow has become a neglected color in eyeshadow palettes, and it is always the color that can never be used up.

This year really launched a lot of yellow makeup, yellow blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc., using yellow to the fullest! Yellow eye shadow is very eye-catching. Although it looks good, it is more difficult than other daily eye shadows. So today we will introduce you to the steps of how to draw yellow eye shadow, let’s learn together!

Yellow eye shadow will make you more eye-catching in summer. Matte yellow eye shadow can be used as a base to reduce the impact of dull eyelids on subsequent eye shadows. and! This eyeshadow works great as a blusher too! Now brush a layer on your cheeks, and then layer your favorite blush to easily create a pinkish Japanese blush.

To be honest, the eye shadows recommended today may not be exciting to all my friends because yellow eye shadows really test makeup techniques and personal skin tone.

How to apply makeup palettes with yellow eyeshadow?

The yellow eye shadow and peach lipstick match better. I think the most eye-catching part of makeup is to use the same color as the base eye shadow and swipe lightly on the cheeks under the eyes. Sweeping out a light color will make the makeup look more harmonious and harmonious. I usually end up with a little eyeshadow on the nose and chin for a cute look.

Earth color eye shadow is the most used eye shadow color, except because the earth color is closest to the skin tone, it is the most suitable for professional makeup and formal occasions. If you want to look refreshed on informal occasions, match it with some yellow colors, thus can create a chill and relaxed look. If you choose yellow with a hint of orange in the golden yellow, it is very suitable for warm-toned skin.

The same color smudge method can be used to paint makeup palettes with yellow eyeshadow. Within the delineated range, from bottom to top, from the middle to the outside, from dark to light. Apply in layers from the bottom half of the upper eyelid, from the bottom to the top, and from dark to light. The entire eye shadow makeup effect is made of one eye shadow color in different positions, and it is very beautiful, isn’t it? More vibrant than earth tones.

The light yellow eye shadow is really suitable for summer. It is also a perfect match with pink and purple eye shadow. Smudge the entire eye socket with a complexion eye shadow first, so that the eyelids are more refreshing and better to color. Use it as a base for eyelids and then layer orange eyeshadow on top.

Bright yellows and oranges can be used for sunflower eyeshadow. First, use a white fluorescent eye shadow to make a base for the entire eye socket, brighten the effect, and make the eyelids look prominent and shiny. Next, take the bright yellow one first, then take the orange eye shadow, mix the two colors, and swipe it back and forth across the entire eye socket.

Swipe back and forth on the crease of the double eyelid to make the entire eye socket look more shiny and shiny. The lower eyelid also needs to be swept in color. This time, it is not as complicated as the above, just use this bright yellow eyeshadow and gently swipe on one-third of the lower eyelid.

The most prominent summer sunflower makeup is the color of the eye shadow and the translucency of the face, so using brown eye shadow as the eyeliner can make the eyes more hazy and charming, and it will not be fierce when the eyes are enlarged.

The soul of makeup is concentrated on the eye makeup, and the interpenetrating eye shadow of yellow and brown spreads to the upper edge of the eyebrows, just like the keynote of the painting “Sunflower”, bringing the warmth rarely seen in the winter sunshine.

The eyeshadow color of this makeup is borrowed from the sunflower yellow, which can make you look optimistic, and energetic, and exude positive energy all day long.