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Do you know what the features of the best make up sponge are? How can we make use of it correctly? If you are still confused about that, this essay will tell you some methods for that and it may offer you some help.

We are all aware that the foundation plays a role in helping even out our skin tone. The blemishes like pimples, dark spots, or redness on our face can be hidden by applying foundation so that our skin will look natural and even. While how can we apply the foundation? Then the makeup sponge comes into play. It becomes a common makeup tool because it can work well with most kinds of foundations. Now we will tell you the secret of selecting the best make up sponge.

Pick the right shape

There are a large number of different shapes in the market for you to choose. The most common sponges are like eggs for this kind of shape has both round sides and sharp sides so that it can facilitate you to apply the foundation on the whole face. Of course, many other shapes that look like a triangle, a heart and even SpongeBob can be found.

These multifarious makeup sponges with different cute colors may look so adorable, but don’t be fooled by their appearance. They may look beautiful but don’t work at all. You should make sure it is useful for your makeup.

See its size after dipping it in water

If the makeup sponge is made of good materials, its size will swell to twice after you dip it into water. If not, it will absorb most foundation so just a little can be applied to your face. A swollen sponge is so soft that you won’t feel hurt when using it to dab the foundation on your skin.

As mentioned above, it’s a popular and common tool in makeup. After you select the best make up sponge, you can learn how to put it to full use. If you are interested in it, just keep reading.

Step 1 Dip the sponge into the water

The first thing you need to do is to rinse the sponge into the water and squeeze out the moisture. After that, the little dry sponge will swell and becomes extremely soft just like a marshmallow. Besides its large size, it will become a little wet so it’s easier to blend the foundation into our skin.

Step 2 Dab the foundation with the sponge

Take an appropriate amount of foundation on your face and dab your face from the middle cheek toward your hairline with the swollen sponge. You’d better select a sponge that has a large round side and a small pointed side. When you apply the foundation on your cheeks, forehead and jawline, you can use the large round side which can save you a lot of time. As for the small area like the sides of your nose and the corner of your eyes and mouth, the little sharp side can facilitate your makeup.


If you can see a distinctive difference in color between your face and your neck, it means you didn’t pick the right shade so you should select a lighter or deeper shade according to the undertone of your neck

After you finish applying the foundation to your face, you can put the rest, if some foundation is left on the sponge, on your neck so as to avoid wasting.

Step 3 Use it to apply the setting powder

The sponge can not only be used to apply the foundation, but also the setting powder. When you finish your whole makeup look, one important step is applying the setting powder. Wait for several minutes until the cosmetics on your face are totally dry. Then you can apply the powder with a dry sponge so that it can make your look remain longer. Don’t use a wet sponge for the powder will stick on the sponge rather than on your face.


After our introduction to the methods on picking and using the best make up sponge, you may build a better understanding of that. To some degree, whether it is the best sponge depends on how you use and treat it. You can click our website to get more information and pick one foundation or a setting powder that you like to check if your sponge is the best.