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Are you looking for sweet and shimmer highlighter? Applying a highlighter during makeup is a step that many people like very much. Highlighter can be used to modify the contour of the entire face and increase the three-dimensional sense of the facial features.

According to the texture classification, the highlighter can be divided into powder highlighter, creamy highlighter, and liquid highlights. Creamy highlighter is suitable for dry skin and combination skin. It is suitable for easy application with hands or sponges. It has good gloss but poor durability.

Powder highlighter is suitable for combination skin. The disadvantage is that it is easy to show fine lines and enlarge pores. The advantage is that it is not easy to apply makeup. The liquid highlighter will have better durability, and it can be mixed with a liquid foundation to create a glossy base makeup. All these include the following types of performances.

Daily highlighter for light makeup

Most ordinary highlighters are not that shine compared to the shiniest type. They are small and micro-shimmering, not too obtrusive. The powder is fine and fine. When hitting the skin, it can visually brighten the skin and make the skin feel plump.

Apply a small amount on the cheekbones, nose tip, eye corner, temple, brow bone, and chin, it can change the structure of the bone image, make the face more three-dimensional, and increase the depth of the face, it is used in daily makeup frequently and can add a sense of luxury to makeup. Be careful not to apply too much, it will make the skin look oily and the pores are very large.

Matte correction highlighter

The general matte highlighter is a moist paste with a lighter color. It is mainly used to correct the depressions of the face and make the face look more flat. It can also be used in the tear trough and nasolabial folds, which can conceal the depression of the face. To achieve the effect of one-click microaggression, make the makeup clear, and quickly reduce the sense of age.

At the same time, it can also enhance the makeup sense in a low-key way, making your skin look more improved. Note that the bridge of the nose is more recommended than the glossy type, and the makeup will look cleaner. It is relatively dry, if it is used in areas that are prone to dryness such as the eyes, be sure to do a good moisturizing primer.

Shiniest highlighter – a sweet and shimmer highlighter

Are you fond of a sweet and shimmer highlighter? The ingredients of this kind of highlight are glittering particles. After applying it on the face, it will have a very dazzling feeling, which is more suitable for dancing or large parties; in addition, when shooting modeling or stage makeup, this kind of highlight is also frequently used.

After all, it is difficult for girls who like a walking disco ball not to become the focus of the crowd, because this type of highlight has a high sense of presence and can increase the highlighter of the makeup, so it can also be applied to the collarbone, earlobe, knees In other positions, when the light hits your body, the big shimmering highlighter can give the impression that you are glowing.

I don’t know if you have encountered such a problem: when others finish highlighting, they look three-dimensional, delicate, and advanced; however, when finish highlighting, the makeup always looks shiny and look cheap. This is not the fault of the sweet and shimmer highlighter.

Different types of highlighter are suitable for different occasions and makeup, so before purchasing the corresponding product, you must first figure out the makeup effect you want and the makeup requirements for your usual occasions.

As long as you choose the right highlight products and hit the right position, the highlighter can make your facial features more three-dimensional and the makeup effect more advanced.

The basic makeup highlighter can fill in the depression of the face, naturally, shape the facial contour, and have the effect of visually changing the bone appearance; when used together with the matte highlighter, the effect of brightening and filling is more obvious.

The matte highlighter is used as a local embellishment, which can quickly enhance the luster of the skin. It can be used on different occasions, and it is not too picky on the skin. The shiniest highlighter’s makeup effect is more exaggerated. It can be used as a local embellishment and superimposed in daily life to increase playfulness.