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Go and get this heavy metal glitter eyeliner and make yourself the coolest girl in the party! Are you worried about your party makeup as the year draws to a close and the party season begins? Don’t know how to use your colorful eyeshadow palette? Learn the tricks of the party look now to take the end of the year off the treadmill. “Heavy metal” style originated from hard rock, and the corresponding heavy metal makeup continues its consistent dark, metal, wild style. With heavy metal makeup, you can become the most charming girl!

Tips of making heavy metal makeup
The golden rule to remember before applying metallic colors is that metallic luster expands everything. If you don’t have deep eyes, don’t be lazy before applying metallic eyeshadow. Start by framing your eyes with a slightly darker brown color, then use mascara and eyeliner to add depth.

Choosing the right gold eyeshadow is the key to your look. Try to avoid too bright gold and opt for dull light gold and coffee gold. When choosing eyeshadow palette, we must pay attention not to blindly coddle gold, bright color, the basic color of the outline must be matched, for example, coffee, brown is the outline color that are easier to match with gold, and dark gray, black will let gold appear “dirty”.

Although it is smoked with gold, do not paint your entire eyelid with gold. Gold smokes also have a color transition. Instead of using coffee as a base, apply light gold only to the bumps of your eyeballs, and use a bright color like beige to the inner corner of your eyes and the lower eyeliner near the inner corner to make your eyes more three-dimensional.

How to use heavy metal glitter eyeliner
Step 1: Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to take a small amount of gold eyeshadow and lightly sweep it over the inner half of your eyes.

Step 2: take a small amount of darker gold and copper color, lightly sweep on the outside of the half of your eyes, and then gently dye with the brush, so that the two colors will gradually blend in the middle of your eyes.

Step 3: Use a pencil brush to emphasize the outer corners of your eyes and use a darker copper color to outline your eye sockets.

Step 4: Use Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner to trace your eyeliner up and down, and bring the eyeliner up naturally at the end of your eyes to create cat-eye glamour.

Step 5: Use black eyeshadow to accentuate the good eyeliner to achieve a more profound effect.

Step 6: Apply mascara from the root of your eyelashes to the tip of your hair to make your eyelashes curly and plump.

Step 7: Apply false eyelashes.

How to create smoky-eye makeup with Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner
Smoky-eye makeup is one type of makeup, spreading in the eye sockets, it breaks through the old lines of eyeliner and eyeshadow, so you can see no trace of color connection in smoky-eye makeup. Smoky-eye makeup is featured by the color of dark gray, which looks like the trace of charcoal fire, and that is why it is called smoky-eye makeup.

Generally speaking, smoky-eye makeup always seems to give people an impression of exaggeration. In fact, it depends on the eyeshadow and the weight of makeup. The “lighter smoky-eye makeup” developed on the basis of exaggerated smoky makeup takes more into account the needs of ordinary people, and uses lighter eyeshadow, which is close to the true color of skin, to create a charming but not overly assertive feeling.

The painting method of smoky-eye makeup
1. The focus of smoky-eye makeup is the eyes. You can first make a base for your eyes, and then use a large area of matte dark eyeshadow to cover your eye sockets.

2. Use a brush to smear your eyeshadow to dye the intersection of the eye sockets and the eyebrow bone to make your eye sockets look deeper.

3. Use black eyeliner pen draw a natural eyeliner from the head of your eyes to the back, and lower eyeliner should be drawn from the head of your eyes, so that the upper and lower eyeliner shall completely cover your eye sockets. Then use dark brown eyeshadow to dye the eyeliner at the head and tail of your eyes.

4. Brush your eyebrow with mascara, and apply false eyelashes, then a smoky makeup is completed.