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The question “What is eye primer used for?” is asked again and again by makeup newbies. They may be familiar with primers when applying cosmetics on the face but get little information about eye primers. Actually, it is an incredibly necessary eye product in the process of makeup, though it is always neglected by makeup beginners or even enthusiasts. And here gives some instructions about eye primers.

What is eye primer?
Eye primer is an eye product with a cream base, or sometimes with liquid. It helps eyelids get more smoothness when being applied. It separates your lid and your eye makeup as a barrier, ensuring that your excellent eye makeup doesn’t crease. Therefore, your efforts on eyes won’t waste.

Does everyone need eye primer?
Certainly, the answer is yes! The eye primer aims at making your makeup endure longer and tackier. I believe if you don’t apply eye primer before eye makeup, it is no surprise to see your makeup fade or crease. Eye primer is indeed particularly created for stable beauty for a long time, like eyeshadow makeup.

It will make skin tone around the eyes flush and hide eyelids’ veins for more smoothness when applying eye products. And the texture there will be improved a lot, too. If in use, you won’t meet troubles like perfecting your makeup when going out because it is worn off. Eye shadow could be permitted to stay in place and last longer as well as not crease. It is a necessity of a superb foundation.

And we all know that face skin easily produces oil, and it requires face primer used to prevent it from destroying the makeup, and so do eyelids. Our eyelids get oil production as well, and it is a major trouble for enduring eye makeup, such as how to avoid separation and creasing. Eye primer then is essential. It is supposed to absorb the oil and assist the eye makeup for staying a long time. You don’t look forward to ruined makeup within one hour.

Furthermore, some people are currently annoyed with the flecks on areas around the eyes. Then, eye primer seems to be the greatest choice to complete a perfect complexion. It is good at covering those flaws and making a flat appearance. The color is enhanced greatly as well. However, if you don’t put eye primer on, your eye makeup can’t stay longer. No one expects a flawed look. At this point, eye primer is proved to be a wise choice.

Can face primer replace eye primer?
Absolutely not! We already have known “what is eye primer used for?”. Face primer is totally different from eye primer though sounding similar. Face primer is only used to cover pores and lines in the face for a smoother foundation of the face makeup. It softens them and fixes a more perfect face as a protective layer between face and makeup. When it comes to eye primer, it protects your eye areas and joins as adherence for eye makeup, brightening the color and improving the texture.

The major difference lies in their ingredients. As areas around the eyes are so fragile, it is not suitable to use sensitive products. And silicone is involved in most face primers, which causes creasing for makeup. Also, it doesn’t play as an eye primer to absorb oil and let eye makeup endure longer. Eye primer, instead, works to make your eyelids in a more stable condition. With this approach, makeup does stay longer and does not fade.

Can a makeup beginner apply eye primer easily?
Eye primer is actually a beginner-friendly eye product. Just prepare your eye primer and one small concealer brush or one fingertip. After cleaning your face and applying necessary creams and other skin care products, take a little eye primer on your brush or fingertip, and then quickly swipe it at your eye area, better starting at your lash line. Once it is on, apply your eyeshadow immediately.

Overall, eye primer should be a necessity in your cosmetic list. It provides a more enduring and flawless look. So now if you are asked “what is eye primer used for?”, do you have your own answer clearly?