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  5. The best eyeliner brush for thin line: a detailed guide

Do you know what’s the best eyeliner brush for thin line? Eyeliner is very important in the whole eye makeup; a good eyeliner makes your whole eye more as a cat as flirtatious and cute. Usually, a thin eyeliner will fit the whole look better.

Why do we need to choose a best eyeliner brush for thin line?

Eyeliner brush is a makeup tool used to deepen and accentuate the makeup on the eyes. The eyeliner brush softens and naturalizes heavy or stiff lines drawn by eyeliner pencils. It is mainly used for post-makeup adjustment.

In the era of “natural makeup”, eyeliner with dark circles around the eyes is clearly out of fashion. The initial stage of makeup is like the childhood of everything. We always wanted to enlarge our eyes infinitely, so we put a circle of black eyeliner around them.

Around the same time, female hippies were also fond of very dark and exaggerated eye makeup. They did not use eyeliner brushes. Professional beauticians rarely painted the entire eye circle with eyeliner, especially the lower eye line, and some simply did not, using only eye shadow.

In order to achieve the perfect effect of blending, the eyeliner brush can be used to transition the outer edge of the eyeliner, causing a layered feeling of ink painting halo, and moreover creating a subtle and charming eyeliner.

How to choose a best eyeliner brush for thin line?

Eyeliner brushes come in several shapes to choose from. That thin, flat brush is a favorite of many professional makeup artists, and it helps you draw a precise eyeliner that is neither too thin nor too grouped, and can be used both wet and dry, on both upper and lower eyeliner.

If you want to draw the tiniest of places, a thin and pointed brush type is the best tool to help you draw a very fine and delicate upper eyeliner. The angled eyeliner brush will be slightly thicker and is best used to create a smoky look.

How to use the eyeliner brush?

For wet use: Wet the brush and, using the tip, dab an appropriate amount of eye shadow powder. Then gently draw along the edge from the root of the eyelashes, starting from the inside out.

For dry use: Dip the tip of the brush into the eyeshadow powder and shake off the excess powder. Then gently draw from the root of the eyelashes from the inside of the eye to the outer edge.

How to clean my eyeliner brush?

Because eyeliner brushes use mostly cream products, they are relatively more difficult to clean than eyeshadow brushes, blush brushes and loose powder brushes which use powder products. And if not cleaned in time, eyeliner clumped on top will affect the direction of the bristles and the quality of the bristles, it is recommended to clean in time after use.

1. Professional cleaning: What you need to prepare is a special makeup brush cleaner. The method is to drip the cleaner onto a cotton pad and brush the brush back and forth on it repeatedly until the color is not brushed out. After cleaning, just pinch the bristles with a clean paper towel to control the moisture.

2. Popular cleaning: the method is the same. But considering that many people will not buy quality makeup brushes just with ordinary brushes, so they will not spend money to buy cleaning agents, then provide an alternative to cleaning agents, that is eye makeup remover oil / liquid. Follow the steps above to clean and finally rinse off with water. Then use a paper towel to control the water and put it in a dark and ventilated place to dry.

Can I apply thin eyeliner without an eyeliner brush?

We highly recommend Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner from Perfect Diary, a super fine and long-lasting eyeliner that brings you a new makeup experience. Even without an eyeliner brush, you can still have a slim and attractive eyeliner.

If you prefer a creamy eyeliner, you can also try Creamy Smooth Longwear Gel Eyeliner. The duckbill-shaped tip easily draws your thin winged eyeliner with an extra-long 12-hour hold time and a comfortable gliding experience. It’s a great choice.


Whether it’s an eyeliner brush or an eyeliner pencil, you can draw fine eyeliner if you have good makeup skills. But some even better products enable newcomers to do their makeup effortlessly as well. If you want to have fine eyeliner, you can try our products.