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Different brands of the best colorful eyeshadow palettes are all over the market. Most advanced makeup lovers like to play with makeup, and I am no exception. Especially when painting eye makeup, I often like to try some new and bold color-matching elements to make my eye makeup look different. The Explorer Eyeshadow Palette from Perfect Diary that I just started recently is very individual and very playable.

For example, in this fox eye shadow, the powder quality is as good as ever, gently twisted on the fingertips, the powder quality is delicate and advanced, and it can be instantly integrated with the skin after being applied to the face. The texture of mashed potatoes in this eyeshadow is the most satisfying to me. It feels soft and glutinous, and a small hole can be pressed with light force, which feels very good.

Late autumn is here and winter is approaching. If you want to create a fashionable makeup look that complements the current season, reddish-brown makeup products with a very autumn and winter feel have become the best choice for all beauty lovers.

Recently, the “Explorer Eyeshadow Palette ” series of Perfect Diary has launched a new “Red Fox” plate, which is inspired by the red-brown red fox. The natural color matching and the newly upgraded various textures will definitely meet your ever-changing needs for autumn and winter makeup.

If you are looking for the best colorful eyeshadow palettes, you should never miss such eyeshadow. In the late fall season, the colors of nature are relatively rich and brilliant, which is suitable for autumn and winter makeup with reddish brown tones. Inspired by the red fox and its living environment, Perfect Diary has teamed up with Discovery to launch a new red-brown version of the “Red Fox” with a more autumn and winter atmosphere.

The overall color matching highly restores the natural beauty of nature and the spiritual creature, the red fox. The eye base is based on the beige fox teeth and lotus root powder tongue, and the 3D carving is playful and presents a smart fox tail.

The highlight of the Perfect Diary “Red Fox” plate is not only the reddish-brown color matching the autumn and winter seasons but also the beautiful, self-aware, independent and intelligent self-confidence charm of contemporary women is beautifully interpreted with spirituality of the reddish-brown red fox.

Why you should try Perfect Diary’s best colorful eyeshadow palettes?

One plate covers six textures, including matte, pearly, and big shimmer, with natural color development and a long-lasting makeup effect. The matte powder is silky and easy to stretch like chocolate, creating a rich atmosphere; the champagne pearlescent color is delicate and shining like silk satin, which is high-end and stunning.

Among them, the special soft waxy ointment texture is the finishing touch of this beautiful “Red Fox” plate. With the custom multi-functional blade brush that comes with the plate, you can create eyeliner or lying silkworm to meet a variety of makeup needs. The other end of the blade brush is a flat-round coloring/smudge combo brush head. The small diameter is specially designed for smaller eyes. The bristles are soft and skin-friendly, making it easy to color and smudge.

For beginners, it is easy to outline the eyeliner, draw neat eyebrows, and draw the plump silkworms and eyelids that you want. This brush head design is simply not too convenient.

The color of the eyeshadow palette is very high. This palette will have a wet and waxy texture, which will prevent the glitter from flying powder, and the degree of compliance will be very high. It can also be used as a contouring powder, highlighter, and blush color.

Silk satin pearls are the color of champagne, high-end stunning, elegant, and generous, as well as a special ointment texture. It is specially matched with a blade brush to create eyeliner and lying silkworms, and finally, the mashed potato glitter is soft and glutinous, light with fingertips, dip a little on it for a super-brightening effect.

The inspiration obtained from the animal red fox is supplemented by the reddish brown tones that are more popular in autumn and winter, so as to create a fox makeup with a sense of luxury and aristocracy. Whether it is powder or makeup, the effect is relatively good, of course, this still needs to be selected based on personal skin type and style. If you need such a set of eye shadows, you may wish to consider it!