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Have you ever used the yellow under eye concealer before? Eye concealer can be thought of as a topical foundation, with the difference that concealer provides better coverage than regular foundations.

What colors are concealers available?


Yellow under eye concealer is suitable for dealing with dull skin around the eyes and provides a brightening effect while concealing the concealer.


It is suitable for concealing under-eye bags, and dark circles. Although most concealers used to cover dark circles are skin tone, but when the color of dark circles and tear troughs is cyan or heavier purple, this time you need orange concealer to cover and modify the dark circles and tear troughs under the eyes.


Purple concealer is suitable for yellowing skin; purple can play a role in brightening the skin tone.


Green concealer is suitable for retouching redness, acne marks and acne that is still in the redness stage. Green and red are complementary colors, so green concealer is very friendly to redness and acne marks, it plays a neutralizing role.


Pink can make the skin brighter and modify the lighter skin tone of the hair gray eye bags.


Brown can be used to modify the shape of the face.

What does eye concealer do? and how to use it?

1. Covering dark eye circles

Before using a yellow under eye concealer for dark circles, you must first apply a moisturizing eye cream in the order of lower eyelid, upper eyelid, and outer corner of the eye. Wait until the eye cream is fully absorbed, then look closely at your eye area. Sometimes there is pigmentation or red blood on the upper eyelid, and sometimes there are visible dark circles on the lower eyelid, which can make your eye makeup look dirty, so use a special eye concealer to cover them up.

Usually, eye concealers contain eye care ingredients such as chamomile for soothing the eyes, angelica root extract for moisturizing properties and ginkgo extract for improving eye skin metabolism.

Tips for application: When using eye concealer, put it in the palm of your hand and wait for the skin temperature to slightly “melt” the concealer, the texture also becomes thinner and smoother to use.

2. Cover up wrinkles

Wrinkles are the most difficult blemish to cover in makeup, so don’t expect any products to cover the more obvious wrinkles such as lines, headlines, etc., and avoid covering up heavy concealer products on wrinkles. Now there are some concealers on the market for fine lines, most of their ingredients are added to the product with some light-sensitive factors that act to lighten or even smooth out wrinkles through the refraction of light.

Tips for application: The technique of applying concealer for wrinkles is different, not pressing, but gently pushing to prevent the remaining powder of concealer from lingering in the middle of the wrinkles.

Precautions for using eye concealer

Apply concealer products right after using foundation. This order should not be reversed.

Don’t use a concealer that is too white. That will only make your blemishes more visible.

Don’t apply concealer too thickly. The result is not only very unnatural, but also makes the skin look dry.

Use cream concealers around the eyes as much as possible. As the skin under the eyes is very delicate, it is best not to use hard texture pencil concealer products, otherwise it is easy to give rise to fine lines under the eyes.

If you don’t have a concealer around, you can use a foundation that is lighter than your foundation instead. In fact, this is also the rule when selecting concealer products. The concealer that is lighter than the foundation is the best for you.

Avoid putting concealer on your eyelids, as this will make your eyeshadow oily and unclean. If the skin under the eyes itself is very dry, you should apply a more moisturizing eye cream before applying concealer to prevent the appearance of too many dry lines.

The best tool for concealer is your finger. Because the strength is more even when using, and there is temperature, will make the concealer closer to the skin.