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How to put on setting powder correctly? Many girls will ask such a question when first makeup. Makeup setting powder is a kind of loose powder that can make our makeup last longer and will not be shiny at all. So in which step is the makeup setting powder used? In which step is the makeup setting powder used?

Before talking about makeup setting products, let’s talk about why you use makeup setting powder. Makeup setting is used after the base makeup is completed. The main function is to absorb the excess oil secreted by the face and make the base makeup last longer. So, friends who often shine or take off makeup, you can try changing the setting powder.

For those with oily skin, it is best to use loose powder to set the makeup after makeup and touch up the makeup in time, otherwise, it will be easy to remove makeup. If you have dry skin, you may not have much need for loose powder to set makeup, but it is still recommended that you use a setting powder with an excellent moisturizing effect, which can not only lasting makeup but also moisturize the skin.

There are many loose powders on the market, you should choose the one that best suits your skin type and skin tone and has guaranteed quality. The comparisons should be made from different aspects, such as ease of taking powder, fragrance, fineness of powder, makeup effect, longevity, concealment, and makeup effect.

How to put on setting powder after makeup?

First of all, the application of setting powder should be applied after foundation makeup. You can put on loose powder on the foundation layer so the performance will be great and long-lasting.

After applying the liquid foundation, use the puff to press a sufficient amount of loose powder to press the face. Leave on for a few minutes after applying the foundation to allow the foundation to firm before applying setting powder.

After dipping in the setting powder with a puff or makeup brush, shake off the part slightly. Finally, use the makeup brush to sweep away the excess powder on the face. This step is very important, it can make your makeup looks natural.

For example, you can apply a layer of loose powder just under the eyes to prevent the powder from accidentally falling out. Then apply loose powder and sweep away the excess powder.

Secondly, you can apply the loose powder when the whole makeup is done. After you put on the foundation, eyeshadow, blush, etc, brush the right amount of the loose powder. To ensure your face will not be colorless and the cosmetics will not fade after time files. The loose powder can help your makeup last a long time.

Makeup setting powder is generally used after the base makeup is finished or the entire makeup is finished. Of course, you can also bring a makeup setting powder with you when you go out. Follow the method I taught you to use makeup setting powder to touch up your makeup and control oil!

Whether it’s summer or winter, you need to use a setting powder after finishing your makeup. If you want to retain a little luster and make the skin look a little more translucent, the powder is a good choice. Although the coverage is not as good as a powder, it is not as powdery as a powder. The powder is thinner and can be used.

Use a brush to brush. If you want better coverage, you can use a puff. After dabbing on the cheeks, the face becomes powderier, but it also has a bit of luster. You can apply the powder this way. Hope you can find your best way to apply it.

How to put on setting powder correctly? You may now know. When summer comes, it is the time when fairies from all walks of life put together their makeup looks. Whether it is a date with a boyfriend or shopping with a girlfriend, it will take a long time to go out, so be sure to do your makeup! The mottled face looks old, so to keep the makeup clean and delicate, you have to rely on makeup-setting powder.