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Do you know what is skin tint? Overall, it is a skin care cream with a foundation effect. In terms of function, it is similar to a Makeup Base, which not only has a sunscreen effect, but also has a certain concealer effect. At the same time, the moisturizing cream texture also makes the product more ductile.

Applying a thin layer of skin tint can smooth pores and cover small imperfections, such as less serious dark circles and light-colored spots, and more serious acne marks cannot be completely covered. (It is a skin care product after all, and cannot be compared with professional high-coverage base makeup products).

What is skin tint and who is skin tint suitable for?

For people with good skin condition, skin tint can basically replace foundation products and have better skin nourishing effect. For those with heavy skin imperfections, you will need to follow up with a professional concealer. The most important thing is that some brands have a variety of colors, so that girls with different skin colors can choose the right one for them, avoiding the situation of false whiteness.

Besides skin tint creams, what other creams are there?

1. Day cream

Because the skin is vulnerable to UV rays, air and makeup damage during the day, day creams generally have a certain degree of sun protection, which can form a protective film on the surface of the skin to help protect the skin from UV rays and other substances. Day creams are generally used in the last step of morning skincare.

2. Night cream

The night is the best skin nourishment and repair time, so the night cream will generally contain more nutrients, can relieve the skin in the daytime by the injury and skin fatigue, deep nourishment repair skin, so that the skin at night to get a good care.

3. Moisturizing cream

Moisturizing face cream is designed for dry skin, generally moisturizing face cream inside will take some sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, butylene glycol and other moisturizing agent ingredients, effectively help dry skin lock water more hydration, relieve skin dehydration dry problem. The skin in the autumn and winter season can also be maintained in a hydrated state.

4. Whitening face cream

Whitening creams are designed for dull, uneven or pigmented skin, whitening creams generally take arbutin, tranexamic acid and vitamin C and other whitening ingredients with some moisturizing ingredients, in order to effectively improve skin dullness, lighten skin pigmentation and brighten skin tone, while not forgetting the most basic skin hydration needs.

What is skin tint: Skin tint vs BB cream

Skin tint is a face cream with foundation function. The functions of sunscreen and makeup are not necessary, and it is more inclined to skin care products as a whole; while BB cream, you can think of it as a multi-functional isolation product. It is mainly functional, and has certain skin care at the same time, and it is more inclined to cosmetics in general.

Use skin tint correctly and with reasonable expectations

First of all, it is not a pure foundation. For most skin tinted creams, its coverage is only comparable to a foundation product that focuses on a lighter makeup feel. So, if your needs are for high coverage foundation-like coverage in addition to skin care functions such as moisturizing and nourishing, then a tinted cream is probably not for you.

Secondly, it is not a pure cream. Meaning that depending on your skin type and needs, it may not achieve the level of moisturization and nourishment you are looking for. So, if you have dry skin, you may not be able to use it in place of a cream and the steps that follow.


It is necessary to understand and try out these new makeup products in order to continuously improve the level and efficiency of makeup. skin tint is a multifunctional makeup product that, when used wisely, can save our makeup time while causing less damage to the skin.

So, do you want to try this excellent new product? Maybe it will bring you a new surprise. It might give you a few extra minutes of sleep and an equally refined look on every time-stressed morning.