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  5. Why the desert rose color palette is a hit?

The desert rose color palette is one of the most popular eyeshadow color palettes now! Many different brands formulated such unique eyeshadow. It can be said as one of the most popular online celebrity makeup this autumn and winter. This set of popular eyeshadow palettes in autumn and winter has become a favorite of every delicate girl!

Every time there is a multi-color eyeshadow palette on the market, I believe many girls will issue it—torture from the soul? These “colors all look like” and “feel the same.” But to be honest, there is still a certain degree of difference in the color of the different eyeshadow palettes.

What about the Perfect Diary desert rose color palette?

For girls who are too lazy to choose and have no time to take care of, this Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Color 13 Red Fox is enough to satisfy any need for makeup. The gentle pink and purple reveal a strong girlish feeling, and the soft pink polarized light is fascinating.

From cool to warm, there are nine matte and shimmer colors and two large sequined shades, one fine pearlescent and one eyeshadow primer covering the base, halo tint, darken and lift bright colors. It can be said that one box solves all eye makeup problems. The pressure plate is very firm, and the large mirror of the entire eye shadow plate is also very convenient to hold and apply makeup directly in the hand. It can be said that the design is very user-friendly.

From the color test, it can be seen that the color saturation is relatively low and the colors are relatively similar, the ductility is high, the color rendering is good, and the pearlescence is very uniform and textured.

Generally speaking, the purple series is a test of skill. If you don’t draw well, it is like you just participated in a group fight. However, the saturation of the purple series in this desert rose color palette is very low, and the test of craftsmanship is not so strict. It still perfectly maintains the excellent color matching ability, it is gentle and sexy, it can be elegant and high-profile, and very practical.

The matte color has a very high degree of color rendering and adheres to the brand’s fine powder characteristics, which can easily make a smudged effect. The big sequins are really beautiful, and they can be said to be the soul of the whole box of eyeshadow palettes. Instantly create a bling look and instantly enhance the layering of eye makeup.

This eye makeup is deep yet lively. Of course, it must be matched with eyeliner and mascara with a sense of presence, which can highlight the sense of neatness. The main color of this eye makeup is rose. If you want to be more suitable for a variety of eye shapes, you can use an earth color as a base, and then smudge it with rose, which can neutralize the two colors and turn it into a rose with a warm tone. Even if the eyes are dull, they can be painted very well.

The main color of this eye shadow is dry rose as the main color, and then use dark eye shadow to deepen the end of the eye to add depth. A careful part of the makeup is to draw false eyelashes with eyeliner to make the eyelashes thicker. For eye shadows with high saturation, the choice of color contact lenses becomes very important! You can choose according to your preferences!

In general, this Explorer Eyeshadow Palette is suitable for use as a daily commuter eye makeup palette. Most of the eye makeup drawn is a low-key and not exaggerated effect. The color scheme has a good sense of hierarchy, and there are many changes in painting methods. You will not get tired of using it every day. It is still worth starting.

It looks good in any combination of two shades, and it is very practical. With one plate in hand, you can get several kinds of makeup. Different nude shades are available for both green hands and advanced makeup pros.

Other brands on the market also have a lot of good-looking desert rose eyeshadow palettes! If you like it, you can try several brands before deciding which one to buy. What suits you is the most important!