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How to use eyelash applicator? Sticking artificial eyelashes is really a painful and long process for new makeup learners. In addition to getting glue all over your hands and face, the eye makeup you just painted is completely destroyed by one mistake. With this handy little tool, you can solve this problem! It can shorten a lot of time spent on it, simple, clean, and efficient.

There are many different types of eyelash applicators on the market. We usually recommend that you choose stainless steel, which is more hygienic. There are also cheap plastic ones, but in terms of use, stainless steel ones are easier to use and of better quality.

Who doesn’t want to have sunflower-like lashes! The eyelashes are the finishing touch to the whole look. Good eye makeup can enlarge the eyes, and with curled eyelashes, the delicateness of the makeup will be improved a lot. The eyelash applicator is curved and fits the contours of the eyes. The arc design does not hurt the skin when using it. There are serrations on the top, which can organize the eyelashes into bunches.

The size of the eyelash applicator is not huge. Around 9.5×3 cm in the size. You can take it anywhere with you. There is another larger size but a shorter one with a flat head, the shape is like an eyelash curler without the curler part. Such a simple tool is not expensive no matter what material it is made of. For less than a few dollars, you can get a good tool that saves you time on makeup.

How to use eyelash applicator?

Eyelash applicators are mainly used for applying eyelashes, mainly when sticking eyelashes and grafting eyelashes. As a simple beauty tool, such an applicator is very cheap to buy on the market. They are auxiliary tools for people who do not know how to apply eyelashes. To make it easier for ladies to wear false eyelashes, it consists of two parts, a shelf, and a clip. Easy to use and perfect for makeup beginners.

How to use eyelash applicator you just bought? It is easy! Gently lift the eyelid with one hand and gently stick the false eyelashes to the roots of the real eyelashes. Make minor adjustments before the glue has been set. Note: At this time, the mirror should be placed in a place where the eyes can be looked at, and fixed on the table with the elbow.

Compare the eyelashes to your eye length and cut off any excess. The glue brush on the eyelashes for ten seconds is the stickiest. If the eyelids are very oily, they will easily fall off. After pressing the makeup powder, press it and stick it to the root, and clamp it with tweezers.

Simply put, when grafting eyelashes, use it to tweeze the eyelashes, glue the roots of the eyelashes, and then graft to the eyelid. There are also many types of eyelash applicators or tweezers, some are straight and some are curved. Choose according to different needs. After the eyelashes are trimmed, use the auxiliary clip to clamp the roots of the eyelashes, and then stick to the roots of the real eyelashes tightly!

To avoid two layers of eyelashes, the real and artificial eyelashes should be gently squeezed with the fingertips after sticking. If you feel that the eyelashes are not curled enough, you can gently clip the eyelashes again, and the force must be light, otherwise, the curvature may be damaged.

Unlike other makeup tools, such as makeup brushes, which require a lot of learning to master, this eyelash applicator is very easy to use. Applying the eyelashes becomes very convenient after using the eyelash applicator. If you’re in a hurry to get out and have to do your makeup quickly, this tool is really useful. Especially for new learners, it is a waste of money to stick eyelashes wrongly. You can save a lot of money every minute!

This is even more essential if you are a makeup artist who learns to add eyelashes. If you want to master how to graft eyelashes to clients easily and time-saving, you must improve your grafting skills. More and more people are getting grafting eyelashes now, and if you can get orders faster, you can get more customers.