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Are you planning for black eye Halloween makeup? It’s Halloween soon, I believe everyone has already begun to prepare for the big party! As a trendsetter, how can you not attract attention at parties? Add buff to dark makeup!

To participate in the Halloween party, you are not afraid of exaggeration, but you are afraid that you are not exaggerating enough! Today, I have prepared special makeup looks that can be painted on Halloween that are neither bloody nor brilliant. You can choose your favorite according to the matching of the day and the difficulty of the makeup look!

Apply your unique black eye Halloween makeup

Goth makeup is a contrast between bleak whites and sharp blacks. The white foundation is a must. If you want to get a smooth skin texture, you can use a product with moderate coverage, covering only the areas under the eyes and around the nose that are easily noticeable. After that, finish the look with a slightly brighter loose powder in the same shade.

Eyeliner and lip creation are also key points. Eyeshadow in red, navy, brown, navy, and dark green are all suitable for goth looks, and you can also mix green with black, purple, or red. Even mixing pink with black, pink, and black with dark lipstick and lilac eye makeup. Such a combination goes well with fair skin tones, plus black nail color, red hair or multi-tone hair is even better. Add some creepy-looking effects by using lipstick colors that resemble toxic black and red.

If you want the eyes to be as smooth as a cat’s eye, then you can apply a liner from the corner of the eye to the tip of the eye. The tip of the eyeliner should be tapered, just to the edge of the eyeshadow. If you want a fuzzy liner, draw a thicker liner along the edge of the lashes, then use your fingertips or a small eyeshadow brush to blur the liner.

If you want to make the smoky makeup a little thicker, you can add a layer of eyeliner on the inside of the lashes. This layer of eyeliner is drawn on the inner edge of the orbit, the upper eyeliner is close to the upper eyelashes, and the lower eyeliner is close to the lower eyelashes.

Some people may find it difficult because this is applying eyeliner very close to the eyeball. Line the inner lash line with white eyeliner. This will make your eyes appear bright and prominent even if the eyeshadow is dark.

Don’t be afraid to overdo it. After framing the eye sockets with eyeliner, you can use layers of black eyeshadow to make a base within the effective range covered by eyeshadow and then smudge with gray eyeshadow to create a decadent look. A little bit wilder black eye Halloween makeup than your usual look.

On Halloween, you can also consider deepening the red eye shadow and changing to a pair of maroon color contacts, that is, to create a makeup atmosphere of “I just finished sucking blood and want to go out”.

When the blackberry color lipstick was the most popular, it was vying to be put on the makeup of the fashion week conference by big brands. Now, in addition to black, there are more lip choices for gothic makeup: the blood red lips of the flower thousand bones and the poisonous painting method of biting the lip (after the beige base is used, the fingers are stained with plum and red berries).

The paste such as color is dyed in the center of the lips to create a blood-colored effect of biting the lips) is good or evil, and can be adjusted according to individual circumstances.

As the representative of European ghosts, vampires have become the protagonists of many ghost suspense movies and TV series. And because vampires are generally very good-looking, with a pale complexion and seductive or handsome appearance, they have gained a large number of diehard fans. Especially with the hits of “Twilight” and “The Vampire Diaries”, vampire makeup has become a Halloween makeup for many people.

Adding blood and tears to the corners of the eyes, or revealing a blood-sucking mouth with sharp teeth, this makeup doesn’t require much skill and doesn’t look particularly scary.