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The best felt pen eyeliner that is long-wear and waterproof is not easy to buy. Drawing eyeliner will make our eyes look more charming and attractive. Bury inner eyeliner inside the root of the eyelashes to make the eyes look deep and energetic, pure, and agile, young, and energetic, and very age-reducing. It can be seen that well-painted eyeliner can add soul to the entire makeup.

The eyeliner is the finishing touch. Of course, eyeliner is a must-have for many girls’ lives. But as soon as I touch the water after applying the eyeliner, the makeup smears. Eyeliner is the most difficult of all makeup steps, “I can’t draw”, “I can’t learn”… That’s what the girls said the most. Walking on the street and carefully observing the girls’ eye makeup, they are not good at drawing, so the girls feel at ease and try it boldly. This annoys many girls. Many girls want to have good waterproof eyeliner, how can they buy it?

How to use the best felt pen eyeliner from Perfect Diary?
Since drawing lower eyelashes has recently become more and more popular, girls have begun to search for liquid eyeliner that is easy to use, smooth, and ideally long-lasting. Try it on your hand when buying eyeliner, if it is easy to fall off, it will take off your makeup when you paint it on your eyes. When buying an eyeliner, first look at whether the nib is thin or thick. Generally, choose the thin one, because the thin one can be drawn finely and thickly, while the thick one cannot be thinned.

Liquid eyeliner and gel pen are the most suitable for daily use by the public. The texture is soft and delicate, the touch of the drawing is very smooth, the water flow is smooth, it can be formed in one stroke, and the color is full enough. It is easy to remove makeup and can be removed by ordinary cleansing oils; it is easy to control, very friendly to novices, and easy to use while the pen shape is convenient to carry.

First of all, we have to say that the makeup on the Internet is getting more and more refined. Compared with the big brands, the price is not expensive, and it is easy to use! From the perfect diary that everyone is familiar with, there are also very useful eyeliner products. Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner is available in black and brown. Add waterproof film ingredients, so it is not easy to paste when it touches water, and the eyeliner is not easy to smudge.

The practicality and appearance are very good. The pen body is very textured, has weight, and feels good in the hand as one of the best felt pen eyeliners from Perfect Diary. It is very suitable for girls who like to sweat in summer. Especially for those who love to draw inner eyeliner, say goodbye to stuttering, and feel astringent.

One of the best things about this item is that its soft nib draws very smoothly and is very good for coloring. It can draw a good-looking eyeliner with one stroke, which is very smooth. Many eyeliners don’t bleed after a while, but this one is very durable, with good water output and smoothness. If you set it with loose powder before applying eyeliner, which keeps it from smudging all day.

The application is quite easy. First, use a professional eye primer or a strong moisturizing liquid foundation to help the eyeliner paste extend on the eyelids. Oily eyelids are not easy to color, so you need to control oil in advance. Or use a layer of nude or beige eye shadow powder and then draw eyeliner, which can also help smooth lines.

Starting from the middle of the eye, draw in the direction of the eye, and notice the thinner line of the eye. After that, fill in the gap between the eyelashes and the eyeliner, preferably with an inner eyeliner. The overall eyeliner is slowly expanding from the head of the eye to the end of the eye, and then a slight upward arc, and pay attention to the triangle area of the end of the eye to be filled.

Last but not least, use stippling to fill in the gaps at the root of the eyelashes, fill in little by little, and then use a pen to draw them evenly. If you are new to this, try this way thus the shaping will be better than you draw the liner all at once.