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Are you looking for the best eye lash glue? We all know that beautiful and quality eyelashes can perfectly enlarge your eyes and make them look more attractive. However, using the right type of eyelash glues in the right way is not an easy job. Therefore, today, I will share some tips with you on the correct steps of wearing eyelashes.

It is known to us that it is hard to wear eyelashes if you try the product for the first time. Using the wrong methods to wear the eyelashes may spend you much time and energy. After hours, your efforts may even be paid in vain. Some people like to use mascara cream while some prefer eyelashes. Targeting the customers fond of using eyelashes, it is inevitable to talk about glues to wear the eyelash.

Good eyelash glues can save you time and energy in wearing cosmetics. Using them correctly may be the next obstacle that stops you from wearing makeup. Don’t worry. I will guide you to use the product with more ease. After repeating the following steps several times, you will be the master of using eyelash glue.

Step 1 Choose the best eye lash glue for you

The fascinating product shelves sometimes can make you feel dazzling. Shopping among a variety of cosmetics, you may get lost and feel puzzled about which one is right for you, particularly when buying items online.

The easiest way to find the glue that suits you is to seek advice from the comment area. A good online cosmetic shop always maintains the reviews of their customers be they good or bad. Some customers leave a bunch of useful information which you can utilize to find out whether the product is suitable for you.

Besides, you can also consult the shop assistant. You need to distinguish, however, whether they are giving you suggestions sincerely or just fooling you into buying the product. A good seller before recommending products to you will ask you such information as your skin condition.

Step 2 Cut the eyelash into the proper size and trim it

You may practice with the eyelashes in no use because you may need to try several times before trimming the eyelashes perfectly. You may feel heartbroken if you use the expensive ones at the beginning.

Then, measure your actual eyelid. To make the result precise and you do not bother to go out of your way, you can use a ruler. After trimming the eyelash into the exact shape that you need, you can go into the next step.

Step 3 Apply the lash glue carefully with skills

Even the best eye lash glue cannot play its role if you do not know how to use it. It is not a good idea to wear the eyelash the instant you apply the glue. You need to wait for a second, perhaps 30 seconds to let the chemicals of the glue interact with the elements of the air. When it turns dried a bit, it will be easier for you to handle it.

You can bend the lash a bit to connect the two ends so that the end of the lash will not lift. And the whole lash can be attached to your eyelid firmly. It is simple, right? An easy step can make a difference.

Step 4 Put the mirror under your chin instead of straightly to your face

Putting the mirror in this way can offer you a better view of how the lash is attached to your eyelid. Furthermore, when looking down, your eyelid is in the best preparation to receive the strip. If you take the step, you will discover that it is much easier to apply the lash.

Keep the eyes open the whole time. It is better to avoid closing your eyes before the glue goes dry. When you close your eyes, the shape of the eyelid will change making it harder to wear the product. To make the strip look more natural, you can use an eyeliner to draw a line between the lash and your eyelid.


After buying the best eye lash glue, you need these tips to finish the application perfectly. Just as what we have shown above, you will find wearing eyelashes pretty easy by following the steps above. Good lashes with good glue make your eyes look beautiful.