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Many girls will be curious about can i use eyeliner as lip liner, and will it do harm to our body?The answer is yes, the eyeliner can be used as lip liner if you cannot find your eyeliner.

Lip liner can be used as an eyeliner. Lip liner and eyeliner have similar roles, and you can use lip liner instead when you don’t have an eyeliner, but you should pay attention to the number of times you use it, after all, there is still a certain difference between the skin of the lips and the eyes.

If you are still a makeup beginner, we do not recommend you do so. If you are not skilled in makeup, if you use a lip liner as an eyeliner, you may not draw out the effect particularly well. If you are already skilled in makeup, then you can try this technique.

If you choose a lip liner as an eyeliner, then you need to be aware that the lip liner is a bit dry and you choose a lip liner with a brighter color, so the color of the eyeliner may be drawn out a bit brighter. It may not be suitable for daily makeup, but stage makeup is still very good.

Since lip liner is smeared on the lip area, it is inevitable that the safety requirements are slightly higher. So, eyeliner pencil is best not used to replace lip liner, because it is easy to eat in the mouth, for the body may have a negative impact.

But lip liner can be used as a temporary substitute for eyeliner, but after all, for different parts and uses, the results will inevitably not be as good as they should be.

Is it necessary to buy a lip liner? What is the role?

We often wear makeup, lip makeup is essential, but there is always the problem of lip makeup falling off and melting. After a while, there is only a fragmented lip makeup left, or the lipstick you bought looking at the picture is not what you thought it would be. This is where lip liner comes out to help.

The base color of our lips is different for each of us, some are darker, and some are lighter, so the effect of lipstick applied in the same shade is not the same. If we need to present the color of this lipstick perfectly, we can use a lip liner to base the lipstick color for the subsequent makeup application.

Another role of a lip liner is to modify the shape of the lips. Many people have different lip shapes, thin or thick, or their lips are not well defined. This is the time to use a lip liner to draw our ideal lip shape and create the desired lip contour to suit different makeup looks.

Can i use eyeliner as lip liner? How to draw lip liner?

Lip liner is one of the basic skills to draw a good lip makeup. Use eyeliner as a lip liner, they are used in the same way. Start by positioning the lip liner on your lips to trace the general outline of your lips. Be gentle with your strokes and find the right position before you stroke.

Next, draw a lip line from the corner of the mouth towards the peak of the lips, extending all the way to the corners of the mouth. For the lower lip part, start from the middle of the lip and trace the lower lip line in a back-and-forth manner from left to right. The line of the lower lip should be slightly wider than the lip contour to make the painted lip look more three-dimensional.

Finally, use concealer or foundation to repair the corners of the mouth and other places to make the lips plumper and more perfect.

Now, we have the answer to “can i use eyeliner as lip liner”,and we would like you to have learned more about lip liner. Girls who are proficient in makeup never stick to a certain kind of cosmetics, under their magic, eyebrow powder can be used as eye shadow, lipstick can be used as blush, everything according to your own needs.