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How long to leave lip scrub on? Taking care of your lips is not an easy task. Improper maintenance can also affect the skin health of the mouth. Today we will talk about the essentials of lip scrub and how to protect our lips!

Girls who love makeup must choose the makeup that suits them. When removing makeup, be sure to remove it completely, otherwise, the residual makeup will accelerate the loss of moisture from the lips. Affects lip color and lip health.

To remove makeup on the lips, choose a mild makeup remover, press a damp cotton pad on the lips for 5 seconds, and then gently wipe from the corner of the lips to the middle. After removing makeup, wipe with a clean cotton pad dampened to see if there is any residual makeup.

Some people prefer to wipe off their lipsticks directly but this will strongly stimulate the lip capillaries, transform the lip color, and deepen the lip lines. If you want your lips to be in good condition, don’t do this! During dry seasons, dead skin tends to accumulate on the surface of the lips, preventing the penetration of moisturizing ingredients. So the lips also need to exfoliate, but be sure to master the frequency. After exfoliating, use a lip mask together with this step.

How long to leave lip scrub on? Let’s see. After a long period of accumulation on the lips, dead skin will be formed, just like the horny face of the face, we also need to regularly remove the dead skin, but the dead skin does not mean that the dead skin is directly bitten off, which will not only damage other skin but also may cause bleeding and inflammation of the lips.

Therefore, crushes can steam their faces with hot water for a few minutes to soften the dead skin, and then carefully remove the dead skin with a hot wet towel or a soft toothbrush.

How long to leave lip scrub on when you are using lip scrub?

The stratum corneum of the lips is extremely thin and highly sensitive. Under the back and forth friction of the keratin particles, it is easy to be red, swollen, and inflamed, and the lip color and lip lines will be deepened. So lip exfoliation once a week is enough. Use a lip mask after exfoliation to deeply nourish and hydrate the lip skin. If your lips are very dry, you can also use a smear-on lip mask every night before going to bed to nourish your lips overnight.

Can a lip scrub be used every day? Lip exfoliating cream is generally used once a month. The skin on the lips is relatively delicate, and excessive exfoliation will only make the skin thinner and the lips more prone to dryness and peeling. If the lips are peeled at ordinary times, you can use a hot compress on the lips to soften the dead skin and wipe it off with a cotton swab to avoid peeling the dead skin by hand tearing, mouth biting, etc.

When to use a lip scrub? Lip exfoliating cream can be used at night, first clean and then exfoliate, and then you can apply a lip mask, which can give better-concentrated care to the lip skin and help to deeply solve the lip Water shortage, lack of elastic luster, and other problems.

Although it is said that lip balm is absolutely indispensable in winter, it is also used in dry autumn. It is better to choose moisturizing lip balm. After applying a thick layer of lip balm on the lips, you can apply it with a plastic wrap to lock the moisture on the lips. Note that you can apply a hot towel to your lips before applying the lip balm, the effect will be better.

In order to pursue a better makeup effect, the steps are becoming more and more complicated, and the concept of lip primer has been around for a long time. Why do you need a primer for your lips? Lip primer is mainly to improve the fit of the lipstick, and to reduce lip lines. If you wear makeup frequently, you can also do a good job of primer and moisturizing your mouth before makeup.