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Do you love cover girl lip gloss? The cover girls in makeup magazines always have a firm grasp of the fashion trends in makeup. For lipstick, in fact, you can also be like a fashion girl, try more colors, more possibilities, not just reddish brown. Some of the more special colors also have a unique appeal when paired with clothes in fall and winter, and can also make you stand out among many reddish browns.

Many girls think that it is not important to choose a lipstick brand. The most important thing is what kind of lipstick to choose. Yes, they are right. Not the expensive items can give us the most charming performances. Different shades are suitable for different environments, different skin tones, and different outfits. Today, we will recommend a few more everyday ones, but Another great lipstick!

How to select a perfect cover girl lip gloss?
Weightless Longwear Lip Stain’s Color: 202 Whatever is a sweet and sour plum scent with a matte finish on the upper lip, so beautiful! The classic velvet matte texture also adds a touch of texture, and with this color, the mood of autumn and winter is instantly captured. It is neither dull nor heavy and has a strong autumn-winter vibe. The main one is dumb but not dry, but for people with dry lips, the upper lip is still dry, so you need to make a primer in advance (you can use ordinary lip balm and professional lip primer first.) But you need to touch up your makeup every 3-4 hours if you do not set it well.

And another Weightless Velvet Lip Stain Color: 004 Look At Me delicate rose mixed with the gentleness of bean paste color. The overall charm is not too cheap, the temperament is just right, and the age scale is also large, even if it is given as a gift to the elders, it will not make a mistake. The covering power of this item is more friendly than the above one, even better for those with heavy lip lines.

If you like a mirror effect, also consider the Floating Light Lip Gloss Heartbeat Collection. This lip gloss is silky smooth on the lips without any tightness. The main feature of this lip glaze is the texture of water-gloss lip lotion, which automatically forms a film with one swipe. Thick coating and thin coating are both good-looking, a little retro, and a little sexy, and it is amazing at a glance.

For example, the Color: 114 Crush on you combines red, pink, and brown, so it also stands out perfectly from a variety of milk tea colors. The saturation adjustment is just right, with whitening and light texture, the texture is smooth and moisturizing. When first applied, it has a moisturizing sheen and when it dries, it has an ambiguous finish.

This cover girl lip gloss nicely pinched the soft and fuzzy beauty of low saturation. Even light makeup can enhance the overall look. Perfect for dating, meeting your parents, and commuting to your daily commute, the understated beauty keeps your eyes peeled. Wearing a variety of mild clothes in autumn and winter, such as milky white, with slightly curly hair, gentle and slightly hazy beauty, but also very low-key, gives you a rich sense of nobility.

In sum, the Perfect Diary’s lip glaze contains moisturizing vegetable oil. When testing the color on the arm, it is found that although it contains oil, it is mainly moisturizing, so there will be no false moisturizing and non-absorbing. For some people whose lips have been in poor condition all year round, its moisturizing degree really surprises you. You don’t have to worry about peeling when you put your mouth on, and you don’t have to worry about making your mouth feel like you’ve touched lard.

Putting on your favorite lipstick can not only instantly brighten your complexion and make you more delicate and beautiful, but also improve your mood, keep you in good spirits all day, and look full of vitality. And the lipstick is a must-have item in our daily makeup steps, it is very important to choose a suitable one that is easy to use. The lipsticks recommended above are all outstanding products made by this brand. If you like it, you might as well try it!