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I’ve been searching for an eye pencil for sensitive eyes for many years. Likely said, I will try many different brands of eyeliner every year and try to lock down 1-2 different pencils or gel pens for my non-stop purchasing.

Eyes become swollen and itchy after applying eyeliner, which is an allergic phenomenon. It may be because the eyeliner used is an unqualified product, or it may be that the eyelids are more sensitive, and the skin is irritated when drawing the eyeliner, causing slight swelling and itching. If you have such an issue, I hope you can try this new item from Perfect Diary, till now I feel using it comfortable and confident.

I have already repurchased this Creamy Smooth Longwear Gel Eyeliner for the second time, the paste is very smooth and easy to color! Beginners can use it easily! It does not pull the eyelids, and it is not easy to smudge. I am most afraid that the eyeliner will smudge. In addition, I have swollen eye blisters, so the possibility of smearing will increase. There is no such trouble at all when using this!

Why this eye pencil for sensitive eyes is so good?

The thick pen tip of 1MM is very easy to draw elongated and upward eye tails. This waterproofness is very good, and the inner double and swollen eyes will not be dizzy when used! Success is also due to it, and failure is also due to it because the water resistance is so good, that it takes more time to remove makeup! The black eyeliner will instantly enlarge the eyes, and the brown eyeliner will be much softer! 

The ultra-fine brush head smoothly “glides” over the upper and lower eyelids to draw an enviably smooth, sexy, invincible black sexy, and alluring eyeliner, giving the eye shape an instant clear and three-dimensional contour. Fill in the space between each lash and lash. Outline the delicate eye makeup, all day without smudging. A rich black that adds luster to lines and adds color to delicate eye makeup.

It has been recommended by many beauty bloggers before. This one is textured, the brush strokes are soft and tough, and the nib will not split even after using it for a long time! The color is good, the water is even, it is very smooth to use, and it will not dizzy makeup, as long as people who have used it will feel that this product is really easy to use!

The most important thing is that many other girls who love to buy eyeliner gel pens have a headache. If some eyeliner gel pens are rotated and screwed out, the refill is too long, and it is difficult to retract it, resulting in the breakage of the refill and waste. And this Creamy Smooth Longwear Gel Eyeliner can shrink easily! The only thing I want to talk about is the shortcomings. Maybe I want to tell the designer if I can add a few more colors. I can try some different makeup styles, and we will wait and see!

There are currently 5 shades for us to choose from, I bought 03 Rosy Night and 01 Obsidian Black, which is usually enough for me to use on work makeup. If it’s a nightclub, I’ll consider buying a 04 Glisten Crush, it’s more charming and special.

Eyeliner makeup is super long-lasting, this one can stand by 10 hours! The tip of this pen is hard, the water is uniform, and the color is good. The fineness of the nib is medium, perfect for beginners. Waterproof is very good, even if you cry, it will not take off your makeup.

It is difficult for people with sensitive eyes to draw eyeliner because the eyes are prone to tears and feel very uncomfortable every time you apply eyeliner. Makeup remover may also irritate the skin when removing makeup, and the degree of discomfort will be aggravated. So this eyeliner saved me a lot of things.

If you are looking for the same eye pencil for sensitive eyes as me, you can avoid eye makeup without applying eye makeup, otherwise, the sensitive eyes will be difficult to improve. But if you must apply eye makeup, choose a gentle, natural-looking eyeliner, and if you use an eyeliner brush, clean it up regularly. In addition to the choice of eyeliner, you should also choose a mild makeup remover to avoid residue.