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How to clean an eyelash curler and is it necessary to clean it? An eyelash curler is an indispensable makeup tool for long, curled eyelashes, which can instantly enlarge our eyes with a gentle curl. But in use, we need to check the rubber pad of the eyelash curler frequently to see if it is aging, if the rubber pad is aging very badly, it is best to replace it directly.

If it’s just some dirt, it needs to be cleaned in time. Residual mascara on the eyelash curler can have a big impact on the function of the curler, as well as some health threats.

Here are some points you may care about regarding how to clean an eyelash curler:

Why do we need to clean my eyelash curler? Is it necessary?

When was the last time you cleaned your eyelash curler? Studies have shown that a sponge used for foundation that is not cleaned for six months has more bacteria on it than a toilet seat or an escalator in a store! The same goes for eyelash curlers. However, it’s quite easy to keep your makeup tools clean, just take a little time every day and you can enjoy “clean” makeup.

Both rubber pads and brushes should be gently wiped clean with a tissue after each use, and if they are used more than four times a week, they need to be cleaned more frequently, at least once a week, to prevent bacteria from growing.

Eyelash curlers, which are used at a high rate, not only hinder the growth of eyelashes if they are not clean because they are in close contact with the eyes and eyelashes, but also cause redness and itchiness in the eyeballs due to prolonged contact between the eyes and the gum pad, which can cause vision damage in serious cases.

Therefore, it is best to keep the eyelash curler clean or place it in a special brush case after use, not only to avoid the growth of bacteria, but also to make the makeup charming and clean every time.

How long does the eyelash curler last?

An eyelash curler usually lasts 9-10 months, and its adhesive strip usually lasts 2-3 months. And depending on how often you wear makeup, this time may be extended or shortened. If you use it very often and do not replace it in time, the rubber is not flexible enough and it will be difficult to curl your eyelashes with perfect curves again. For economic reasons, you can reverse the rubber strip and use it once more.

How to clean an eyelash curler? Step by step guide.

1. Use a tissue to clean the mascara and dirt left on the eyelash curler, from the inside out.

2. The iron piece next to the rubber strip also needs to be cleaned carefully.

3. Use a cotton pad with an appropriate amount of eye and lip makeup remover and wipe away the stain. Because the rubber pad is easy to be corroded, when cleaning, you cannot use shampoo or body wash to clean.

No matter what kind of eyelash curler it is, its rubber pad is the dirtiest part and needs to be cleaned up in time after makeup. After we finish using the curler, use a cotton cloth with alcohol to gently wipe the mascara off the rubber pad. Afterwards, dry it with a tissue.

Cosmetic hygiene tips

Minimize the exchange of brushes with others. In addition to cleaning brushes and puffs regularly, use interchangeable spatulas, cotton pads and cotton swabs to dab makeup. When using loose powder, you can also pour a small amount onto a clean tissue to avoid duplicating makeup tools on makeup and skin, thus reducing the chance of bacteria growth. Although it is a little more troublesome, it can also maintain the durability of makeup products.

Makeup and brushes should also be stored in a dry, cold place. High temperatures also cause makeup to deteriorate, and sebum left on makeup or brushes can increase the chance of bacteria reproduction due to high temperatures.

In short

Maintaining good cleaning habits for your makeup tools will make it less harmful to your skin and more likely to create a clean look full of glamour. How to clean an eyelash curler is an important lesson for every girl who wears makeup.