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How to use foundation brush? Are you lost in a wide range of cosmetic brushes? Confused about using these makeup tools? Don’t worry, when we just start to learn makeup, we will encounter all sorts of problems. Here, we share some tips with you to help you make fewer mistakes.

You may have seen that makeup professionals carry a bag of various brushes. Some brush hairs are made of real animal hair while some are made of man-made hair. The former price is higher than the latter one. If you are a novice to makeup, it is not suggested to buy advanced brushes because you have to go through trials and errors before mastering the techniques of wearing makeup.

Brush types and functions

It is necessary for beginners to understand the differences between different brushes. I know they look almost the same. The only difference is the size. This is not the case. Let me introduce them one by one.

The big-sized products are usually powder, blush, contour, foundation, and highlighting brushes. The loose powder brush is usually fluffy and rich. With the help of the tool, the makeup is rendered a more natural and long-lasting look. You may wonder why not using hands?

We don’t suggest using hands and fingers because brushes can help us better control these powders and reach the precise effects we want. Take the blush, for example, it is harder for fingers to wipe out blush and blend naturally with the foundation makeup.

The smaller-sized brushes include concealing, eyebrow, lip, and nose contouring brushes. Concealers are used to cover the flaws on your face. With these tools, you can wear more delicate makeup. When it comes to eye makeup, we have multiple smaller brushes with diverse properties. They are brushes for large-area eyeshadow, blending, details, etc.

Foundation brush using tips

How to use foundation brush? To use the product, you need to buy the right foundation cosmetics for you. It is better to purchase a liquid foundation so that the brush can better bring out its effects. Press some liquid out on your palm.

Dip the liquid with the brush and apply the foundation to your face. Sweeping it back and forth on your face to avoid leaving brush marks. Another useful tool for wearing base makeup is the beauty blender. It is softer and more flexible. It can reach smaller areas on your face and render a more exquisite look.

How to clean makeup brushes and beauty blenders?

After using these products, it is important to know how to clean them? You have to use them to touch your face. Therefore, keeping these products clean is good for protecting your skin and reducing bacteria. Then, how often do you need to clean these tools? If you use the beauty blender every day, it is suggested to clean it every three days and store several more blenders.

These makeup tools all have exclusive cleaners. You can purchase them in many shops. If you don’t have the special cleaning agents right now, you can use soap as a replacement temporarily. Mix the cleaner with the warm water and soak the brush or blender into the mixture for a while, about 4 or 5 minutes. During this process, the cleaner has dissolved the residues of cosmetics.

Take them out of the water and squeeze the dirt out of the brush and beauty blender. Rinse them under running water. The tools are cleaned up. If you do not often use these items, you can clean them once a week and leave them in a dry and ventilated area. It is better to buy a blender or brush holder to store these products.

I believe reading here, the question “how to use foundation brush” is answered. If you have more questions about makeup tools including how to use and clean them, welcome to consult us. We are pleased to dispel your confusion.


We have briefly introduced an array of cosmetic brushes. Knowing is the first step. If you want to wear nice natural makeup, start practicing. We may purchase some wrong products at the beginning. Don’t be upset. Even very experienced makeup wearers may make mistakes. Gradually, you will be more satisfied with your skills and the progress you make.