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How to Make foundation darker is one of the most common issues when blending with your natural skin tones and undertones. This article is a must-read if you are one of those facing these issues.

Makeup foundations remain one of the most common and crucial cosmetics used by most of us, and their proper application is essential to give the look one may be after. They come in different compositions, textures, and shades, which one must pick according to skin type and pigmentation levels. But the most common problem most beauty rookies face is the mismatching of shades of foundations.

Sure, one can buy a makeup foundation that matches your skin tone, as mentioned by different cosmetic manufacturers. However, there is still a high chance that the product may give a completely different result once applied. If you are facing a problem when your foundation is too light or too dark requires some techniques which won’t break the bank and will get the results you are always intending to get but is always one step ahead of you. Let’s first go through what you can do to fix your lighter foundation and How to make foundation darker effectively.

1. Blending of Bronzers: We all know what they do to your skin when applied to get artificial tanning and a sunkissed look. The same can be done to get a darker foundation look when mixing it with the lighter one. It works great for people with naturally darker or brownish skin pigmentation levels—looking for a great bronzer? Try our recommended 3-in-1 Sculpting Palette from Perfect Diary. Made to be ultra-lasting when used as a standalone powder, they can also go great with a lighter foundation.

2. Use Concealers: yea, they are great for hiding all your imperfections from the rest of the world, but this also applies to the situation when you have a lighter foundation problem. If you have a darker tone concealer, it can be blended with the foundation you are using, can flawlessly add a darker shade to your foundation base, and can act great to hide the imperfections of doing two things at once. Clear Cover 3-color Concealer Palette from Perfect Diary is a great option to get the best results when used with lighter foundations and as a standalone cosmetic below the foundation layer.

3. Blend with Tinted Moisturizers: Tunted creams are great for getting a lighter and particular hue as a foundation on the entire face. They can also be blended with foundations that are too light for you. Need tinted moisturizer? Try BB creams; they will also work as well as tinted moisturizers.

4. Bring Back Face Powder: Try to use a darker shade of face powder which is one of our favorite way to get the best possible shade of foundation matching your skin tone and undertone.

5. Opt for Daker Foundation: This may sound very easy, but if you have a lighter and darker version of your foundations in the makeup set, try to use them together to get the best shade for your skin. You will use both of them in the best possible shade.

6. Use Turmeric: Turmeric has fantastic health benefits for your body but also can be used with foundations. But if you opt for turmeric, you are advised that it should be used in tiny quantities and tried at home rather than before a party. This way is workable, but a little practice is required first.

7. Blush, Blush, and Blush: People with undertones toward pinker shades can also use blush added with foundations. To do this, start by applying the blush on your hands and mix it with a foundation with a lighter shade unsuitable for your skin.

Donations can be overwhelming, especially when selecting from many brands claiming to be great for your skin and will match your skin tone. Try our recommendation for Renewal Flawless Cushion Foundation; made from matte and oil-free ingredients, this foundation is an excellent choice for matching your skin tone. Released in three shades, this one is a keeper. This was another take in the makeup 101 series or How to Make Foundation Darker; we hope you learned what you were looking for regarding your lighter foundation.