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The red and black eyeliner should be used when you wear suitable eyeshadow makeup. Using eyeliner is always the most difficult task for makeup learners even if you have been wearing makeup for some time. We will guide you on how to use the eyeliner more properly and when to use the red-black eyeliner. Let’s get started.

The first question we need to solve is to learn about different types of eyeliner tools. There are mainly two types, pencil eyeliner, and liquid eyeliner. For beginners, the pencil one is easier than the liquid one. The water, you know, is always hard to control. You can also use brown or black eyeshadow to serve as an eyeliner which is much easier to handle. Therefore, if you are a novice, you can start with the dark eyeshadow to draw eyeliner.

Introduction to eyeliner pencil and liquid eyeliner

As the name suggests, the pencil eyeliner looks and is used just like a pencil. It is easier to remove and deal with. Furthermore, you can use a pencil for a long time and sharpen it when it has been used for some time. While the liquid eyeliner is much harder to control, the texture and color it presents, however, are better and clearer. I still recommend beginners use eyeshadow and pencil eyeliner.

Before learning how to wear red and black eyeliner, you need to prepare the tools. Good cosmetics can save time and present better makeup effects. Here, we introduce two eyeliners to you from Perfect Diary: Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner and Eye-Catching Ultra Precision Eyeliner.

These two products are suitable for experienced makeup wearers for they are liquid eyeliner. The thin tip of the brush can make it easy to wear the eyeliner precisely and they are resistant to water and sweat. They are long-lasting even on hot days.

After getting the necessary tools, you can start to learn the eye makeup process. Red and black eyeliner is popular in recent years. However, the wrong way of wearing it may make you look tired and morbid. The eyeliner will look the best when it is matched with other facial makeup.

Tip 1

Use the mascara to lengthen your eyelashes. If you have light skin color, it is necessary to have rich and long eyelashes when wearing red-black eyeliner. Otherwise, the short and sparse eyelashes fail to counterbalance the red color which will take the highlight of your eye makeup. In this case, you will look ill.

Tip 2 Minimize the color of the rest of the makeup.

Keep the rest makeup one color. Wearing red lipstick is simply enough to make you look stunning. Yellow, green, or other light colors go against the red eyeliner. Pink your cheek a little bit so that the makeup can look more natural.

Tip 3 Do not apply the red eyeliner under the black eyeliner

Avoid applying the red eyeliner to the inner area of your eyelid. It may make you look a bit scary like getting infected. The black can better highlight your eyes and balance the effects of redness.

Let’s summarize these tips: proper base makeup tone, simple color makeup, and black eyeliner makeup near the eyelid are three key factors for you to wear red and black eyeliner perfectly.

There are different styles of red-black eyeshadow makeup. Take the smoky red-black eyeshadow makeup, for example, the glittering red eye makeup combined with smoky eye makeup is suitable for customers with dark color skin to wear.

After wearing the eyeshadow makeup for a day-long, remember to remove it carefully and thoroughly. Liquid eyeliner is not only hard to apply but difficult to remove. Because most eyeliners are water-proof, it is impossible to remove them with water. You need to use particular products, micellar water or oil.

Using micellar water or oil is good for your sensitive eyes. Saturate a piece of cotton pad with the micellar water and press it over your eyelid gently and wait for 20 seconds. Wipe off the eyeliner softly. You can repeat the step several times until the makeup is completely removed.

To conclude

To be good at wearing eyeliner, you need to practice again and again. It is always hard at the beginning but you still need to take a shot. Following our guidance, I hope you can find it useful.