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Many people care about face lip color very much, because it’s the most prominent color on your face. Good lip color will make you look even more attractive. So, if you want to look good, a bright lip is necessary. You know what? For Hollywood stars, if there was only one cosmetic choice, it would be lipstick. The reason why lipsticks are so important is that they can change your lip color into the one you like.

There are many kinds of lipsticks on the market in recent years. And lipstick has also been sought after by major e-commerce anchors. You can choose a variety of lipstick colors depending on your skin tone, clothing, and occasion. If you’ve ever tried makeup, you must have owned more than one lipstick. Here are some popular colors.

Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick
Firstly, a stiletto-inspired lipstick comes in a velvet-smooth and luxe matte formula that offers you full and sumptuous lips. Secondly, with the sleek gold case inspired by stiletto heels, the Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick series comes with a delicate white leather bag and celebrates incredible fashion as well as female confidence.

Besides, available in winter must-have shades include nudes, reds, oranges, and mauves, each Rouge Slim Lipstick delivers intense saturation with an exclusive Velvet Glide finish. What’s more, the exclusive Velvet Glide texture promises smoother, more hydrated, and moisturized lips, significantly setting you free from the drying-out problem of traditional matte lipsticks.

This series has a total of 16 color numbers. L01 Nude Pink Ballet– This color shows off your temperament. This is a color that can be applied to all skin tones. L02 Rosy Lambskin– This color makes you look fairer and softer. What can also make you look soft and white is the color L11Cinnamon Milktea and L13 Frosting Peach.

L03 Maple Chelsea– This color can be used all year round. You’re gonna look great with this color. L09 Blood Orange– You’ll look so powerful with this color. Using this lipstick can make you look energetic in a second.

What do you need to learn more about face lip color?
1) Reasons for dark face lip color
People usually have pink lips. And light lip color is generally not chosen lipstick. If you sometimes notice that your lips are too dark, what’s the reason? Rule out physical reasons, it could be some lifestyle effects. For example, frequent violent wiping of the mouth with a tissue caused by pigmentation. It could also be because you don’t regularly remove dead skin and exfoliation from your lips. How can this situation be improved?
2) Ways to maintain your lips
First of all, it is very important to perform regular exfoliation. Next, mix honey and sugar and apply them to your lips to exfoliate them. After that, mix pearl powder, honey, and hydrosol to make a whitening mask. Finally, removing open acne is also an important step to having clean skin.

In addition, the lip skin also needs sunscreen, hydration, and exfoliation, just like your face skin. Since the tissue layer on the lips is only one-third as thick as the skin of the body and there are no sweat holes or sebaceous glands. So, the lips are naturally sensitive to the drying air and low temperature, especially in autumn.

Dry lips can cause wrinkles or peeling of the skin and tarnish the lipstick. Even oily lipsticks can do nothing to change the situation. What’s more, the muscles of the lips thin and tender. Therefore, as for the routine care of our skin of lips, there is more knowledge about face lip color you should learn.

Otherwise, no matter how beautiful the lipstick is, it doesn’t look beautiful on a lip that’s covered in wrinkles and dead skin. For the first thing, regular exfoliation is essential, which smooths and moistens the lips while maintaining and calming them down. Be careful: don’t do that too much, it’s OK once a week. Besides, both lip masks and sunscreen lip balm are very important. Lip membranes help hydrate. When you take good care of your lip skin, you will be able to have a beautiful face lip color naturally.