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Do you wear lipstick without eye makeup as I do? When I was young, I also signed up for a makeup class to learn daily makeup. However, my makeup has expired in two batches, and I have not developed the habit of makeup. Applying lipstick without makeup is completely my daily routine, and lipstick is a girl’s red buff!

One time, I was too anxious to go out and forgot to put on lipstick. When I arrived at the work unit, I was greeted by my colleagues, why was I so haggard? Did I get sick? After I put on the lipstick, my complexion immediately improved a lot!

I figured it out. I was so tired every day at work and taking care of my children that I might as well sleep more when I had time to remove makeup and makeup. However, looking at a few colleagues with exquisite makeup, I feel embarrassed to be old without makeup. I started thinking about how to streamline makeup. Girls don’t have to wear makeup every day, but with this simple makeup technique, they can still improve their image a lot in normal times.

I feel that if we consider both laziness and the effect, for ordinary people, the eyebrows and lips are the most influential. Eyebrows make you look insane. Lips affect how well you look. Like base makeup and eye makeup, of course, the effect is better, but they are also more troublesome. The base makeup should consider whether the color number is harmonious and whether the texture is suitable for the skin type. Eye makeup is very laborious, and I have to take time to check whether there is any makeup.

So, if your brows are fine, or generally in good shape, which is not the kind of eyebrows that can’t see or half of the eyebrows, you can also trim the eyebrows, don’t draw the eyebrows, just apply lipstick. Wearing lipstick without eye makeup is very common for girls that rush to school or work.

How to wear lipstick without eye makeup?

In terms of lipstick, you still need to pay attention to the choice of color, because if you don’t use other parts, don’t get flaming red lips. In the case of plain makeup, the choice of lipstick must avoid fluorescent colors, jump colors, and oily textures. It is best to choose matte velvet, bean paste color or thin lipstick must be smudged and the edges will be natural.

For example, Perfect Diary has a lot of nude or bean-paste lipsticks. The types of lipsticks are very rich. All lipsticks have the characteristics of imparting color, which can make our complexion look better. Therefore, you can wear lipstick without makeup.

The one I used a lot is called Creamy Clay Lip Mud N01 Sandstone, the texture is a hydrating mist texture that big brands do not have. The mouth is moist and moisturizing. After the film is formed, it is a soft mist and velvet makeup. I can’t help but think of enjoying the silky forehead.

Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick is another iconic item that I also like, I’ve been using this one for years, and my lips color looks really natural and great even if I don’t wear foundation. Wearing such lipstick without eye makeup will not look weird. L11 Cinnamon Milktea gives me very natural and kissable full lips. The smoothness and color are very ok, and the lips can be turned into a good-looking lip color if the lip condition is not good.

For a period of time, my face was a little allergic due to hormone problems, because long-term makeup is not good for the skin, and cosmetics are relatively expensive, so I can save money by using less, but I must wear lipstick, of course, it is relatively Natural color, not too purple or too red. If I need to attend a more solemn occasion, I will wear makeup all over my face.

The focus of everyone’s makeup has begun to focus on adjusting facial features rather than coloring, so many makeups looks have become streamlined, just like minimalism which has always been popular, makeup also has minimalist makeup. Skip the steps of drawing eye shadow, and emphasize the presence of lipstick, simple and elegant.