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How to choose your makeup primer for eyes? How does a primer spray or primer cream help with your makeup? You may be curious about how these cosmetics benefits the creation of your look. One of the benefits of using a primer for any skin, eyes, or lips is to help your makeup last longer time than you expect. It can do so much more than this.

What is a basic makeup primer for eyes?

As we all know, a primer is called as is used as the first step before you put up any makeup like foundation, eyeshadow, lipsticks, etc. Due to the different applications of makeup, many different brands offer different types of primers for different purposes.

You may be more familiar to use facial primers as you may use them every day to balance the skin type and smooth skin. Before you apply other cosmetics to your skin, a primer can help to brighten and even your skin tone. The silicone-based ingredients of the facial primer will sit on top of your skin, allowing the foundation to adhere to the primer rather than into any skin pores and creases. Thus, your makeup will be more natural and will not harm your natural skin.

Simply said, an eye makeup primer is specially used to improve the performance of cosmetics for the eyes. It is specifically formulated for eyelids. The hydrating eye primer cream may be used by dry-skin type people for its moisturize while the powder-type primer is mostly used by oily-skin type people.

Eye primers mostly come with a sponge applicator like any kind of lipsticks, or a basic tube with a built-in brush, so can be applied quickly and simply. Simple to use and easy to carry, softly brush or wipe through your eyelid and then creates a layer of base for the next step.

How does eye makeup primers work and how to choose them?

Like other makeup primers, the key function of an eye primer is it adds a layer of natural moisturizers or minerals to your eyelid with its silicone material. Thus, your eyelid will be smoother and less textured when applying eyelashes or eyeshadow. With color added, an eye makeup primer can help to lighten or brighten the eye area, and to cover discoloration of the eyelid.

For dry-skinned people, their eyeshadow may easily clump after hours. What they need is a hydrating eye primer cream, not primer powder. If you use powder, you will only make your eyelid drier. The makeup primer for eyes can help to moisturize the eyelid and maintain a truer color of the eyelid without oxidizing the color of eyeshadow or liners. This also works for oily-skin type people.

And for whose skin type is oil type or those who live in hot and humid climates can use the eye makeup primer to extend the wear of the eye cosmetics. You may be frustrated by the easy-melting eyeliners in summer. In this case, you may use an eye primer powder to cut down the fall-out effect of eyeshadow. The eyeshadow will not fall onto your cheeks when you are applying or wearing it. Thus, your makeup looks more clean and natural.

As we just mentioned, colors added in the eye primers help to balance the eyelid and cover the frauds. Warm color eye primers tend to highlight any redness in the eyes themselves. If you want your eye makeup last longer even in sports conditions, the makeup primer for eyes should win your most attention product when applying makeup.

The other befits that most girls will be interested in eye primers is they can help to enlarge the performance of your makeup. Yes, extend and enlarge the performance, you hear me right. Why do we say that?

Imagine, if you put eyeshadow onto your eyelid, you may need more than 3g to make the color pop. You will have to repeat brushing and use more power unexpectedly. And the more powder you put, the more fall-out you will bring to your cheek. You may have to buy your makeup frequently as you have been using them too much.

But with the help of the “priming”, you don’t have to wear the eyeshadow that much to bring out the looks. As the eye makeup primer builds a base on your eyelid, any eye makeup you put onto the layer will be more vivid and natural. Likely you only use 2-2.5g for the perfect eye makeup. You are saving money and cosmetics!