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What should I put in my cosmetic travel bag set when preparing a beautiful holiday? When going on a journey, many girls will put a lot of makeup products in their bags. As we know, it is a huge burden to carry a heavy and big makeup set. So, how to prepare a streamlined but well-rounded cosmetic bag?

First, buy a convenient makeup bag with sufficient capacity.

You can buy a cosmetic bag on a site like Amazon, or just buy a cosmetic travel bag set, and they may have given away such a bag. It is good for storing and protecting your cosmetics and preventing those bottles and jars from breaking in the bumps of road transportation.

Choose a square-shaped cosmetic bag with a regular shape and equal width at the top and bottom. Square or rectangular makeup bags usually look small, but the actual capacity is much larger than a semi-circular bag.

What to put: Cosmetic samples / travel sets

Once you have chosen a suitable makeup bag, the next step is to fill it with stuff. The dispenser bottle is very practical for skin care products such as water and milk, but for makeup products it is a bit of a chicken feed.

Powder eyeshadow is very troublesome to dispense, and cream products are basically impossible to dispense. So, it is recommended that if you need to travel a lot, you can buy products at the counter and ask for some small samples of cosmetics to keep at home for emergency needs. If you usually use a certain brand of cosmetics, you can also buy a cosmetic travel bag set of that brand.

Makeup products & makeup application tools

Exactly what makeup products to bring with you varies from person to person, of course. Some people may not wear a lot of makeup in the office, but want to look radiant when they travel; others may wear full makeup but just want to apply a lipstick when they go out.

So here we recommend two options: simple makeup & full makeup, you can choose according to your habits and needs.

Simple makeup


I believe we don’t need to say much about the various hazards of UV rays. In any case, when you travel, your skin is exposed for a long time, so the importance of sun protection is self-evident. It is recommended that you choose a sunscreen with the right SPF index according to your destination.

BB Cream or Lightweight Foundation or Air Cushion

Since you don’t want to carry full makeup, I believe you don’t want to overburden your skin during the trip. So simply put on a base makeup and keep a good tone. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular products.

Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder

Many beauty gurus say that eyebrow products and lipsticks are two more important makeup items than foundations. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money for their own personal use.


A small piece of blush doesn’t take up much space, but it can instantly add layers to your face, giving you a good look and a lot of energy when you travel. This is a very cost-effective step and it is advisable not to skip it.


Since it is a simple makeup, a gentle beige color or a lively grapefruit color are good choices that are beautiful and not exaggerated.

Full makeup


In addition to the basic makeup mentioned above. For a more refined and flawless base, bring a compact and superior concealer to use with a light foundation. For a good look, a natural and effective touch-up is essential.

And when you can’t carry too many products, the idea of multi-purpose is important. Some matte monochrome eye shadows can completely replace nose shadows or highlighters. You can match it yourself at your discretion.

Eye shadow eyeliner

Never go back and forth with a large tray of ten or twelve colors of eyeshadow, not only will you not be able to make the best use of it, but damage is likely to occur. A tray of three or four colors of small box eyeshadow is good, choose your highest frequency of daily use of the color system is right.

As for eyeliner products, it is best to choose an eyeliner pencil, one to get the job done does not take up space.


Choose a mascara brush with long, dense, columnar bristles for a quicker application that will give you five more minutes of sleep in the morning. For use in travel, it is also important that the mascara is waterproof and natural.

Makeup setting products

A powder cake with its own puff and small mirror is definitely more convenient than a setting spray, and you can carry it with you when you travel, so you can always take it out to touch up your makeup. Of course, if you have dry desert skin, buy a dispenser bottle with a nozzle to dispense your setting spray.


These are some shares on how to streamline your makeup bag. In fact, reasonable luggage planning will bring more pleasure in the process of travel. So, pack and organize your cosmetic travel bag set!