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Why does my eyeshadow crease? Everyone has seen a lot of foundation makeup powder and floating powder, but I believe that everyone here has experienced it. Makeup can make people more beautiful, but only if you know how to draw good makeup. I believe that when applying makeup, we often encounter various problems, among which the most frequent ones are stuck powder and floating powder.

Do you know how to solve the eye shadow crease problem? First of all, eyeshadow crease is usually caused by an oily eyelid. Once the eyelid is too oily, the eyeshadow powder will melt into one piece with the excess oil and get stuck in the crevice of the eyelid.

The base makeup is the most important when applying makeup. Perfect, delicate and natural base makeup will make our whole makeup look more textured. Especially eye shadow, if it is not painted well and the makeup is removed, it is easy to make people feel dirty.

Why does my eyeshadow crease and how to do it?
Just now we mentioned, that if the eyelids are too oily, or you have not settled the setting spray well on your makeup, and the eyeshadow will easily crease. It is very embarrassing for others to see eye shadow makeup off. Eye shadow and mascara smudged around the eyes are a nightmare for delicate women.

Waterproof eyeliner and mascara used in summer can avoid the appearance of panda eyes. At the same time, when removing makeup, you must use a professional makeup remover to carefully remove it, so as not to cause damage to the skin. This is very important as our eye area is very soft and delicate.

Many people are accustomed to applying foundation to the face when applying makeup, but ignore the foundation around the eyes. Such skin cannot “hang” makeup. It is a very important step to use eye cream as a primer for the eyelids.

Developing a good habit of eye cream primer can not only improve the makeup effect of the eye shadow, make the eyeshadow powder more docile on the eyelids, but also protect the eyelids. When choosing an eye cream, be sure to choose a light texture, which has the effect of oil control, moisturizing and moisturizing, which can play a better effect.

Eye cream is a preventive measure before applying eye shadow. If the powder is stuck after applying makeup, you can also use a cotton pad to remedy it. Soak the wedge-shaped sponge in water, squeeze out the excess water in the sponge, then wipe off the excess eyeshadow powder on the eyelid card powder, and finally use the pulp of the finger to dip the original eyeshadow powder to touch up the makeup.

If you often apply eyeshadow, it is recommended to change to eyeshadow with a lighter and more delicate texture, and better oil control effect. Such eyeshadow powder can be more docile on the eyelids, and it will not be obvious if you blink your eyes a lot.

To take care of those areas of the eyes that are easily overlooked, the corners of the eyes can be treated with the pinky finger or a smaller brush head. Remove a small amount of water on the eyeshadow brush or eye shadow stick to absorb excess water, and then apply eyeshadow when the eye shadow brush is fast drying, and apply makeup on the eye area by pressing, which can make the eye shadow not easy to fall off and last longer.

To make your eyeliner last longer without smudging, you can take a small flat brush and spray it with the setting spray, dip in the dark eye shadow and press it along the position of the eyeliner. Use a small eyeshadow brush to apply loose powder to set the makeup locally, especially on the eyelids prone to build-up, the lower eyelid, and the triangular area of the eye.

Why does my eyeshadow crease? In addition to makeup and touch-ups, you should also pay attention to moisturizing and maintaining your eyes. Apply eye cream, and apply an eye mask at night, it is also better for the firmness of the skin around the eyes. Hope we all can wear natural, light, and beautiful long-lasting makeup.