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The black and orange eyeshadow makeup can make you look different. The mixture of black and orange is special, making you look attractive. Orange is a color always related to energy and passion while black can make you look more mature. Anyway, such a combination is suitable to wear in the summertime and on different occasions. Today, we will share some tips on wearing this eyeshadow makeup.

Before starting, you need to prepare the tools including the eyeshadow primer, black or dark brown eyeliner, mascara, matte orange eyeshadow, matte dark brown or black eyeshadow, and glitter eyeshadow. If you are looking for products, you can have a look at the online shop Perfect Diary.

The Explorer Eyeshadow Palette is recommended. Just the cover of the palette implies the design of the product is enlightened by the wild animal’s eyes. This pair of eyes is right matched with the eyeshadow we talk about today. It has various textures and most of the colors you need to wear the black and orange eyeshadow. Besides, a double-headed professional brush and a small mirror are attached, making makeup more convenient.

The product is delicate, enabling you to re-apply the makeup at any time and anywhere. You may add it to your shopping cart and enjoy the discount services in our store. After getting the tools prepared, we can start now.

Eyeshadow makeup Step 1

Before applying anything to your eyelids, always prime your eyelid first by using the eyeshadow primer so that your eyelids can stay in a good condition and perfectly present the makeup.

Eyeshadow makeup Step 2

Apply the base of the eyeshadow makeup. If your skin color is too light, you can apply the matte brown eyeshadow to the eye sockets so that the orange color can be better presented. Try to apply the base as evenly as possible.

Eyeshadow makeup Step 3

Apply the orange eyeshadow with the thin eyeshadow brush to the inner corner of the eyelid but not too much, about 1/3 of the length of the eye. You can also apply a little to the lower eyelid to make it look more natural.

Then, apply the brown eyeshadow to the middle of your eyelid. The width and length of the brown shadow are the same as the orange one. The orange and brown shadow should not reach over the line of your double-fold eyelid. Try to make the transition as natural as possible.

Apply the dark brown eyeshadow to the eyelid near the end of your eye. At the end of your eyelid, you can raise the eyeshadow brush a bit to create a wing and make you look younger and energetic. You can apply the brown eyeshadow again to the transitional line.

Eyeshadow makeup Step 4

Change to use the black eyeshadow and apply it to the outer corner of your eyelid. The eyeshadow color of the end corner of the eyelid can be heavier to highlight the orange color. As for the lower eyelid, you can repeat the steps above but apply fewer eyeshadow because you do not want your eye rolls to look that big.

Eyeshadow makeup Step 5

The basic eyeshadow makeup is done. If you want the eyeshadow to look more glittering you can use the glitter orange eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyelid. Then, you can use black or dark brown eyeliner from the left to the right. You may find it hard to draw the line. You can put the mirror under your face which can give you a better view.

The last step is to brush your eyelashes with mascara. The perfect black and orange eyeshadow makeup are done. Easy, right? If you are a beginner at using cosmetics, you can practice several times. Gradually, you will master the techniques of wearing eyeshadow makeup. Of course, do not forget other facial makeup.

Good eyeshadow makeup can highlight the advantage of your face but it is useless if you only wear the eye makeup. For more makeup tools and guidance, you can check the information on our official website.


We share tips on how to put on the smoky black and orange eyeshadow makeup and recommend a good product to you. If you are interested in cosmetics and want to know more about makeup, do not hesitate to leave a message to us. We are always delighted to receive your feedback on our products and services.