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Have you ever fallen in love with a long lasting liquid lipstick? The liquid creamy texture is also our commonly used moisturizing lipstick, which should be the most widely used lipstick texture type. It is much more moisturizing than matte lipstick and the color is great too!

The creamy texture is thicker than the silk satin texture, it has an oily feeling, and the luster is a little weaker than the silk satin texture. The lipstick of this texture has good color, durability, and moisture, and the upper mouth has a slight luster. It does not reflect light under the lens, and there are no obvious shortcomings. It should be the most comfortable texture to use.

From the first small black tube and small gold tube to the birth of a series of matte lip glazes to the light luxury lipsticks that successfully entered the medium and high port red market some time ago. Each group of lipstick series products of Perfect Diary is very successful, and each series of products has its own very unique and important meaning.

Now the most popular Floating Light Lip Gloss is very recognizable on the outer packaging. The small white-gold square box with a small personality breaks the traditional packaging of various square and round lip glazes. It is very delicate and easy to carry, and the color matching is also very simple and atmospheric. This packaging is very easy to put in a pocket or mezzanine.

Abandoning the above additional things, just as a lip glaze itself, the texture and color design is quite brilliant! The lip glaze is a light mousse texture, the mouth is as smooth as mousse cream, and the velvet texture fits the lips lightly. The color design of this series are also gentle colors with low saturation, cute and energetic, very suitable for the little sisters in spring and summer. And this lip glaze is not heavy on the mouth, the color is fresh and beautiful, very energetic and cute!

Looking for a long lasting liquid lipstick?

ReadMe Lips are the most successful lipstick products you should ever try! If you try the color 002, you will find the fig color is amazing! This is pink with no fluorescent feeling. It is tender and gentle after applying it to the mouth. It is very suitable for daily light makeup. It is suitable for work and school. It is very gentle.

The clever design is as thin and light as a business card, which not only looks stylish but also takes up no space and is easy to carry. The texture of crystal clear water glossy lip lotion, like dew, is moisturizing and not sticky. It automatically forms a film with a touch. The custom brush head and PD brush handle can accurately bring the material to smudge the hazy makeup. Warm, cool, dark, or light, you can find a lip color that suits you whether you have fair skin or yellow skin.

The 101 color is relatively light, a long lasting liquid lipstick suit for everyone. with a nude color, suitable for people with light makeup or no makeup, it enhances the complexion very well, has a good moisturizing effect, is not greasy, very light and thin, and smells good.

In daily makeup, lipstick can improve the temperament and charm of our whole person, but when we apply lipstick, we often encounter the situation of lipstick coming off, so how to prevent lipstick from coming off?

First, apply lip balm to the lips. The lip balm not only has the function of moisturizing the lips but also can form a protective film to prevent the lipstick from falling off. So be sure to use lip balm. To make the lips absorb better, you can reapply the lipstick several times.

After applying one layer, take out the paper towel and sip it to remove the floating color on the mouth, then apply it again, and finally dip the moisturizing type with your fingers. The lip balm is pressed onto the lips.

Finally, use loose powder to set the makeup, lightly cover the lips with a tissue, and then take out the transparent loose powder and swipe the lips through the tissue, because the loose powder can make the lipstick color and absorb excess moisture.