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Is eyeshadow primer necessary? Before applying eye shadow, you need to make a primer, but you don’t need to do too much special work. You only need to apply the base cream and foundation evenly to the eye area. If you want to draw a perfect eye shadow, you need to apply layer by layer, so that there will be a sense of hierarchy. That’s when you need an eye primer.

Eyeshadow needs a primer. Preparing the eye area before applying eye shadow is a very important part. Apply a thin layer on the eye area with a white or skin-colored eyeshadow. The purpose of this is to make the color rendering of the eye shadow more evident, to make the eye shadow more evenly applied, and to prolong the durability of the eye makeup for a certain period.

Nowadays, there are more and more girls who wear makeup. Many girls lose a few very important steps in makeup because of inconvenience. These steps have a high status for our entire makeup. If you omit these, then There was no immediate surprise in what came next.

Especially the makeup on the eyes, because eye makeup is more difficult to paint, more people choose to ignore it, but eye makeup is the finishing touch in makeup, no matter how small your eyes are, it can help you to enlarge Well, big eyes are more attractive than small eyes in some ways. Makeup can give eyes a different feeling, so we must not discard this step in makeup, but we must refine it and present it more perfectly.

Is eyeshadow primer necessary to use every day?

It is not, but eye primer is very important. After all, the eye area is the most fragile skin. If you use makeup directly on it for a long time, it will cause damage to the eye area and cause fat particles or fine lines in the eyes.

No matter what kind of makeup we put on, we need a primer first. Just like drawing eyebrows, we also need primer. Some eyebrows need to be covered with concealer before applying eyebrows. The same is true for eye makeup.

First of all, we need to prepare the required color, first, use white as the base, and be sure to smudge the entire outline of the eye, so that the effect of the base will look more natural, and then use a lighter color, from the corner of the eye to the eye. Tail, look at what color eye makeup you want to paint, and choose one that is closer to that color so that the eye makeup is finished.

Is eyeshadow primer necessary? Before applying eye makeup, you should apply the base cream first. This premise is that the eye cream has already been applied when doing skin care work. The moisturizing work of the skin under the eyes is also very important. The eye cream must be applied well, and macro-molecular things cannot be directly applied to the skin of the eyes.

In addition to products such as isolation cream, eye primer is also a good choice. It contains smaller molecules and can better protect the eye skin. You can also use eye primer instead of isolation cream. In this way, the makeup will not directly hurt the skin, and it will not be easy to blur after applying eyeliner and eye shadow products after priming the eyes.

It evens out dull skin tones on the eyelids, makes eyeshadow more pigmented, and makes eye makeup last longer. Before applying eye makeup, provide a good base, and the follow-up steps will be smoother. One of the biggest problems with novice eye makeup is that it is smudged, and the eyelids themselves are not in good condition, which is not conducive to the entire makeup.

Primer is the key to long-lasting eye makeup, so a special primer is essential. Don’t just use liquid foundation as a primer just because it is convenient. This will not only greatly reduce the durability of the makeup, but also easily cause the powder to stick due to the oil. The originally beautiful eye makeup turns into an embarrassing face. Take more than ten seconds to do the eye primer before makeup, and the follow-up eye makeup will be more effective!