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What is eyeliner and shadow stick?

Take a look at your makeup bag, it must be filled with all kinds of cosmetics. When you wake up on a busy morning, you’ll be rummaging through this bag to find the cosmetics you need to use. Then you realize that once again you can’t find your eyeliner because it’s too fine and too small. Then when you what to apply eyeshadow, the brush is somehow missing again. What a waste of time! In fact, what you need is a 2-in-1 packaged eyeliner and shadow stick.

Normally, the eyeliner and shadow stick has a creamy texture. One end of the stick is a pencil eyeliner and the other end is a shadow stick. Besides, there are multiple colors to choose from with amazing water-resistant formulas. You can carry one with you to go from day to night and use it to touch up your makeup at any time and anywhere.

How to apply eyeliner and shadow stick?

If you are using regular eye shadow, you will need a brush. However, to apply eyeliner and shadow stick, you don’t need any extra tools but your fingers. Yes, just smudge it on there. You didn’t quite get it? Don’t worry, here is the step-by-step tutorial.

First, let’s do the eyeliner. Use the end of the stick with a pencil eyeliner to apply your eyeliner. The trick is to apply very light pressure towards the point of the pencil and start making short lines from the middle of your eye to the outer corner. Then draw the inner corner of the eye until it connects with the middle where you started before. But if you have single eyelids, you can draw from the root of the eyelashes, which will be easier to apply and will make the makeup look more natural.

Then we start to apply eye shadow. There are two methods depending on how dramatic you want your eye shadow to look. The first one is to start by using the corner of the eye as the origin point and slowly apply the eye shadow from the edge of the eyelashes towards the eye socket. The width of the eyeshadow is about a quarter. You can draw natural makeup according to the curvature of the eye. Then just use your finger to smudge the eyeshadow.

The other different styles will need a brush. Use a small brush to take a little bit from the stick eyeshadow, and then start following along your eyelashes. Make sure to apply it very close to your eyelashes. Then you can add any other color of eyeshadow on top of it to create your unique shadow. By doing this, you can skip the eyeliner step, which means using the eyeshadow stick as both the eyeliner and eye shadow.

What are the pros and cons of eyeliner and shadow stick?

About the pros: Obviously, the biggest advantage of the eyeliner and shadow stick is that it is very easy to use. But it’s more than that. Because of its creamy texture, it can easily glide onto your lids without tugging on your skin. And unlike powder shadows, the creamy shadow is long-lasting and, most importantly, can prevent creasing.

In addition, this magic stick is more versatile than your regular shadow. You could use it as a highlighter for your brow bones, cheeks, or the cupid’s bow above your lip. So it is really a money-saving and practical cosmetics.

About the cons: There are two main drawbacks of the eyeshadow stick. The first one is that its pigment is too strong, so it is not very easy for beginners to grasp. Also, although the creamy texture makes it fit well on the skin, it makes it more difficult to remove. So it must be removed properly after using it, otherwise it will lead to the cosmetic residue and thus cause eye skin pigmentation.