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The purple and brown eyeshadow palette can help you look special. The combination of purple and brown is creative, making you look unique. Purple is a color that always makes you think about someone mild and easy-going while brown will make you look more elegant. Anyway, such a combination is suitable to wear in the spring and autumn season and on various occasions. Today, let’s find out the charm of the collision of these two colors.

Some people use a box of purple eyeshadow and a box of brown eyeshadow for creating an effect of purple and brown eyeshadow, which is creative but too complex. And here are plenty of eyeshadow palettes that contain both shades. You only need one plate to create such novel colors. If you are looking for it, you can have a look at the online shop Perfect Diary. If you happen to be looking for such an item, come to the online shop of Perfect Diary.

It is the Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Butterfly that is recommended by many makeup celebrities. The collection of 14 different eyeshadow palettes offers customers an infinite choice of effects. Each palette features 12 dreamy colors inspired by the animal. It comes in a range of novel and blendable shades in matte, pearlized, soft, shimmering, and metallic finishes. Besides, a double-headed professional brush and a small mirror are provided for free, making makeup more convenient. Here is some information about them.

Color: 10 Fancy Carp
This palette consists of 12 colors. You can freely combine them to achieve the eye makeup effect you prefer. Here are a few good combinations recommended for you. Firstly, you can use WATER LILY for the eye socket foundation, choose BURNING SKY to deepen the eyes and tails, and use RIPPLE to brighten. This combination makes your eye makeup look pink.

Secondly, use WATER LILY as the base, GLOW to deepen the eyes, and FISH SCALE as a highlighter. This combination will make you look sparkling. In addition, also use WATER LILY as the base. Smear the eye head with GLOW, the eye tail with KNOCK ON WOOD. And finally, brighten your lids with BUBBLES. This combination will make you look gentle and generous. Delicate makeup makes you a lucky protagonist.

Color: 01 Piggy
Perfect Diary Pig Eyeshadow Palette is a versatile eyeshadow palette. It’s one of the most famous purple and brown eyeshadow palettes. The reason why it is said to be versatile is that you can use it to draw makeup with different effects. You can be sexy and charming with it. It makes you look pure and beautiful, like a pure middle school student. You can also bring out a golden-brown everyday look with it.

For the first one, prime the upper eyelid with PIGLET firstly. Next, use TAIL and OINK to darken the top and bottom of the eyes, as well as the lower lids. Then apply DEWY to the middle of the upper eyelid. Then, use ROSY to deepen the eyes and tail. This color is gorgeous and shining.

The second is also to prime the upper and lower eyelids with PIGLET. Then, mix OINK and TAIL to deepen the double eyelid. Next, dip in SLEEPY with a detailing brush and draw a line close to the base of your lower lashes. Finally, use SCENT to brighten the lying silkworm. In this way, you get natural and beautiful eye makeup.

Besides, this palette is delicate, which means it’s convenient for you to re-apply the makeup at anytime and anywhere. Also, this eyeshadow lasts for a long time. You don’t need to worry about it ruining your entire look at all or worrying about it getting messy. There’s no doubt that it will bring you a huge convenience. Add it to your shopping cart and you will be offered discount services in the online shop.

The advantages of your face will stand out with dedicated eye makeup. But it’s not enough to only wear eye makeup. If you need more makeup tools and guidance, welcome to check the information on our official website.

We have shared much about the purple and brown eyeshadow palette and recommend some good items to you. If you are interested in cosmetics and want to know more about it, come on and leave a message for us.