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A large travel makeup case is generally a leather or fabric bag that is used to hold cosmetics. Bringing a cosmetic bag when going out is nothing new for you and me. Cosmetic bags can always solve the storage problem of various small cosmetics. Don’t underestimate the makeup bag, it is like a woman’s “treasure box”, which often hides big mysteries and secrets. So, which cosmetic bag is good, and how to choose a good cosmetic bag?

Broadly speaking, I divide cosmetic bags into two types: flat and three-dimensional. I prefer wide-standing bags or shell bags. The reason is that such bags are relatively shallow, and it is easier to turn things after opening. If I use a flat bag, it will generally be a mess when I open it. My foundation or primer can stand appropriately in a shell bag without tipping over.

Of course, flat cosmetic bags are also useful. For example, if they are placed in a tote or computer or school bags, the cosmetics in flat cosmetic bags can be tiled, which is more suitable. When traveling, it will be more convenient to organize and store some small bottles and cans than three-dimensional bags.

How to choose a large travel makeup case?

When buying a cosmetic bag, the material really matters. You will save a lot of space and energy by carrying a lighter bag. The cosmetic bag made of fabric and plastic cloth is light to use and wash. In addition, it is better to choose a water-resistant material, like nylon, and durable without too many embellishments, so that it can be used every day.

The design of the cosmetic bag storage mezzanine is very important, and you must pay attention when purchasing cosmetic bags. The items in the cosmetic bag are very finely divided. The basic parts include barrier cream, liquid foundation, loose powder, primer, blush, mascara, eyelash curler, etc.

If the bags have different layers, it will be easier to sort things into categories. And it is not killing you when you try to find small stuff out of your cosmetics.

I will choose the material of the cosmetic bag that is easier to take care of and clean up. Daily, the leather will be easier to clean up, and it will be wiped off with a swipe. Some cloth cosmetic bags may be a little more troublesome, and it is difficult to clean up if you accidentally get lipstick or something.

However, the fabric is relatively easy to wash. When cleaning the cosmetic bag regularly, wash it directly, or even throw it in the washing machine, but the leather one is not so convenient.

For small makeup brushes without caps, use disposable gloves to store the brushes in the makeup bag, then wrap the gloves and you can put them in the large travel makeup case.

In terms of size, you can choose the style according to your personal needs. For example, you can arrange all the cosmetics that you will use when you travel, look at the size of the most giant bottle, and then add or subtract about 3 cm, so that things can be put in a little more compactly.

Cosmetic bags of any sizes are often carried by us when traveling. It is better to choose a delicate and stylish style. A size of 18cm×18cm or 20x 22cm large travel makeup case is more appropriate to use by us. You can put anything into it and take it with you effortlessly. You can only use one size so that saves a lot of money buying different sizes of bags.

People with a lot of things can choose a hanging cosmetic bag, all your foundation, brushes, eyeshadow, mascara, and so on can be carried all at once. It can be hung directly in the hotel bathroom when traveling, which is more convenient to use.

You can also choose an EVA cosmetic bag, with rounded corners, a matte textured surface, anti-slip and anti-fouling, and a very good anti-collision and buffering effect. Stiff and stylish high-quality EVA material is integrally formed, and there is no odor at all. This flexible and supportive material can better support the inner space of the cosmetic bag.