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Makeup setter for oily skin is always a hot-selling item for most of us. The last key step in our makeup is to apply loose powder to set the makeup and control oil. To make the makeup last longer and the skin not to be shiny, we usually use some makeup setting products to fix the makeup.

There are many types of makeup setting products. Different makeup setting products have different makeup effects and different methods of use. For different skin people, the formulated items are very different. Especially for oily-skinned girls, your skin will be easy to ruin the carefully prepared makeup, so oil-controlling makeup powder is a must. However, which makeup powder is good for oil control?

How to select a makeup setter for oily skin?
For oily skin, it is more suitable to use powder for setting makeup. The powder is better than powder for long-lasting makeup. You can use baking to fix the makeup to better play the role of loose powder.

If you have oily skin and want to choose a setting powder with a good oil control effect, why not consider the new coming item- the Silky Featherweight Pressed Powder Shine-free Version of Perfect Diary? First of all, from the texture point of view, the upper face will not be false white at all, and there is a certain effect of covering pores. It looks like matte makeup without losing its luster, delicate, soft, and natural.

In terms of color, there are 4 colors. Color: B01 Warm Ivory and Color: B02 Light Beige are for people with warm skin tones, while Color: P01 Porcelain and Color: P02 Cool Beige are for cool skin. No matter which color it is, it is also very light and light on the face, and there will be no pimples.

Perfect Diary uses an anti-oxidant formula, which allows you to keep your makeup for a long time without worrying about an oily and airtight face. After removing the makeup, the skin is still supple and moist, keeping you away from acne and pimples!

The oil control effect is also excellent, it can last all day, only the T-zone and forehead will be slightly oily, but it will not affect the overall makeup at all! Its weightless formula provides an 8-hour oil control effect, which is very convenient to use whether it is matched with any liquid foundation of the same brand or the liquid foundation on the market.

The silky soft touch gives the skin a good fit, enhances brightness and transparency, and because of the advantages of oil resistance and water resistance, it can suppress dullness, turbidity, and pigmentation, and maintain a perfect makeup feeling.

Translucent Blurring Loose Powder is another celebrity-setting powder from Perfect Diary. It has only three shades to choose from, which is not as rich as the new products mentioned above. But it’s not without reason that it continues to be a hit.

Using exclusive oil-control ingredient SmartLock formula technology, this product nourishes the skin while keeping your makeup looking long-lasting. Its powder is very delicate, and it is super docile on the face. It has a soft-focus effect for a second. After using the loose powder, the shine disappears instantly, and the pores are more invisible. The overall makeup is also very transparent, and it is not fake at all. It is also very good for setting makeup, and the mask will not stick to the liquid foundation after using it.

You can take the above two items given into consideration. But need to remind everyone that the makeup setter for oily skin that you apply on the cheeks must be light and thin. Especially in the areas with large pores on the face, you must apply makeup along the skin pores. Don’t apply makeup in a general way against the direction of the skin pores. The makeup can’t be meticulous or soft-focused. And after the application, you should tap slowly in this area, so that the base makeup and the skin will blend better.

What’s more, after oily and sweaty makeup, do not apply the loose powder directly. You should first use oil-absorbing tissue to absorb oil, then apply the setting powder. At this point, you will find the result astonishing!