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How much does lipstick cost? The price of lipstick varies from brand to brand. Those big-name lipsticks that we know have more expensive prices, and there are also affordable lipsticks that are less expensive. We can choose the lipstick that suits us according to our ability to consume.

The price of lipstick has a lot of added value, not the higher the price of the lipstick has more outstanding quality, we can pick a cost-effective lipstick from the following aspects.

Choose regular brand of lipsticks
Nowadays, there are many unknown and poor-quality brands of lipsticks on the market. This kind of lipstick has serious added pigment, and long-term use will be harmful to human health.

Lipstick is applied on the lips, and we usually eat a little bit of it, so you must choose the regular brand of lipstick. Lipsticks of regular brands at least do not add harmful ingredients, and the production process is also clean, the safety will be higher.

Smell the lipstick
When we pick a lipstick, we can open it and smell the smell. If the smell feels a bit uncomfortable and strange, then the lipstick is a bit inferior.

A good lipstick from a brand that smells especially comfortable gives a light scent, and some lipsticks have a bit of a fresh fruity taste. This is not something that can be replicated by a normal factory and requires a more refined modulation of a good smelling lipstick scent.

Look at the amount of lead in lipsticks
It is understood that the better the color rendering of the lipstick, then the higher the lead content, and if you want to pick a good lipstick, it is best to choose one with low lead content.

To identify the lead content of lipstick, you can apply a little bit of lipstick on the back of your hand, and then take a silver ring and rub it on the lipstick on the back of your hand repeatedly, and then look at the ring and the lipstick on the back of your hand to see if it has turned black. If the blackness is very dark, then the higher the lead content is, and vice versa the lead content is low.

Choose the right lipstick color for you
There are so many colors of lipsticks, but not all colors are suitable for you, so you must choose the right lipstick color for you. Lipstick color selection needs to be determined by your own skin tone, if your skin is very white, then almost all colors of lipsticks are suitable for you. While dark yellow skin is more suitable for darker lipsticks, remember not to choose bright colors or colors with silver light, otherwise it will make your skin look duller.

Choose lipstick according to lip shape
If you want to pick a good lipstick, you need to look at the quality and color of the lipstick, but you also need to choose according to the shape of your lips. A good lip shape can choose a more pronounced lipstick color to highlight the shape of your own good-looking lips.

If the lip shape is not so good, then do not choose a lipstick color that is too abrupt, it is recommended to choose an everyday lipstick color. Or use a lip liner and concealer to portray a more perfect lip shape.

How much does lipstick cost? If a lipstick meets the above standards, it is a lipstick worth choosing. At this point we need to take into account our own preferences for color and brand. Many brands have excellent color mixing capabilities, and even if they are more expensive, there are many girls who do not skimp on buying them.

You can consider Perfect Diary’s Creamy Clay Lip Mud, a semi-matte creamy texture with a very stunning color and a reasonable price. It is well worth buying. Meanwhile, Perfect Diary has more great and popular lipsticks, you can visit our website to learn more.

Finally, how much does lipstick cost? If you want to buy a dream lipstick at a better price, you can pay more attention to the discount season such as Black Friday or brand anniversaries. This is the time when you can buy the brand’s lipstick at a very cheap price.