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Have you ever used eye primer for oily eyelids? The eye primer can protect our eyes area when we apply makeup. It can avoid direct contact between the skin of the eyes and the make-up, which is equivalent to adding a layer of protective cover. Natural, thus making the effect of eye makeup long-lasting.

Eye makeup is very, very important, and the primer is to make the eye makeup more ironing, brighten the eye skin and maximize the eye shadow effect, but some people think it is troublesome and save trouble, so they will skip this step and apply eye shadow directly.

This is the same as applying makeup without foundation makeup on the face. It will not only damage the skin but also affect the effect of eye makeup, resulting in the eye shadow not being long enough, thus affecting the overall makeup look.

The role of the primer is actually a bit similar to the foundation, but the texture of the primer is lighter and more delicate than the foundation, and the skin around the eyes is very fragile, so it is more suitable to use the primer than the foundation. It plays a role in concealing and adjusting the color of the eyelids.

It can also prevent cosmetics from directly contacting the eye, so as to protect the eye skin to a certain extent and avoid damage to the eyelids caused by cosmetic chemicals. It can also effectively control the problem of oily skin around the eyes so that the eyeliner and eye shadow will be more natural, and the effect of eye makeup will last longer.

Use eye primer after foundation and before eye makeup. Apply the liquid foundation evenly all over the face, then apply the eye primer to the eye area, after this, you can apply the eyeshadow.

How to use eye primer for oily eyelids correctly?
1. Squeeze an appropriate amount of eye primer on your fingers. You don’t need to use too much, as long as it is the size of a grain of rice.

2. Apply the eye primer to the wrinkles of the eyes, and then use the finger pulp to push it around the eye area. The eye primer is used up.

After using the eye primer, you can apply eye makeup around the eyes, which can keep the eye makeup without smudging all day. After applying eye makeup, use loose powder to set the makeup on the skin to increase the durability of the base makeup.

In addition to eye primer, which can increase the durability of eye makeup, eye maintenance is also very important. When the skin is moist, the adhesion between the makeup and the skin is better, and it is not easy to remove makeup.

Eye primers are generally dry in texture. This is to control the oily eyes. If the skin is not hydrated, it may make the skin very dry. If it is relatively dry at the beginning, as the eyelids become more oily, the eye primer will become more and more suitable.

Cosmetics dedicated to the eyes are relatively light and thin, so the burden on the eye skin is relatively small. When using eye primer, you must pay attention to the amount, if the amount is too much, the eye makeup will be too heavy.

Whether eye primer is necessary depends on each person’s skincare and makeup habits. If you are used to using eye cream to maintain your skin before makeup, then eye primer can be used, but if you don’t usually use eye cream. It is necessary to increase the color of the eye shadow and prevent the eye makeup from falling off.

Can the concealer replace eye primer for oily eyelids? Concealer can be used before eye makeup, but it cannot replace eye primer, because its function is completely different from the primer. The main purpose of concealer is to cover blemishes, and it has a good effect on dark circles or uneven skin tone. But it obviously does not have the isolation and oil-controlling effect of primer, nor the effect of preventing pigmentation.

I believe now you have a clear understanding of how to apply the eye primer. It is very useful and important for us to well protect our eyes and our skin.