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The gold and red eyeshadow makeup can make you look stunning. Different eyeshadow styles change your outlook in different ways and render a different atmosphere. On what occasions it is suitable to wear such flamboyant makeup? How to draw makeup as a cosmetics beginner? Here, we share with you some tips on the problems.

The smoky red and gold eyeshadow may not be a good choice for formal occasions like the workplace. It may also be hard to match with the daily hanging-out dress. Such eye makeup will be a perfect choice for some theme parties or festive holidays like Christmas. It can well enlarge your eyes and present you in a new way. Let’s start learning the makeup!

To have clean makeup, you need to prepare a set of cosmetics that are suitable for your skin color, skin conditions, face shape, and other facial features. For this gold and red eyeshadow makeup, you need to prepare gold shimmery eyeshadow, matte red eyeshadow, dark brown or black eyeliner, mascara or eyelash and eyelash glue, and matte warm brown eyeshadow. If you have light skin, you can also prepare the dark brown or black eyeshadow.

Do not use the dark eyeshadow directly on your eyelid, which will be a mess. You can start with a blending that is fluffy and clean. Of course, before brushing your eyelid, you should make sure that your eyelid is cleaned and in good condition.

Then, brush the matte brown eyeshadow over your eyelid, not just a bit above your eyelash but the whole eye socket lower than the eyebrow. This step can deepen the color of your eyelid making your eyes look larger and deeper. Remember to blend the eyeshadow evenly over the eyelid.

You can see at the outer corner of your eyes, that there is a triangle zone where we should use the matte black eyeshadow, forming a natural transition from matte black to matte dark brown and making the eyeshadow layered. You can also use the darker eyeshadow to replace the dark one.

Now, the red eyeshadow can come to the stage. Spread the matte red eyeshadow on the center of your eyelid. Pay attention to the transitional line between the black and the red. Try to make the transition as natural as possible.

When it comes to this step, you are near the success. Brush the gold eyeshadow over the other triangle zone of the eyelid. The eyeshadow at the tip of the triangle should be round. Still, pay attention to the transition between different colors.

Apply a thick line of black or dark brown eyeliner on the waterline of your eyelid, drawing from the left to the right. Then, apply the winged liner. The gold and red eyeshadow makeup is almost done! To make your eyeshadow makeup more delicate and attractive. You can use the mascara or glue the eyelash to make your eyes look even bigger.

Following all the above steps, you can wear perfect eyeshadow makeup! It is easy, isn’t it? The wrong method to wear makeup may make you look sick and terrible. You may feel a bit hard at the beginning. However, putting on makeup is never an easy job. You need to practice. Besides, good eyeshadow makeup should be matched with suitable facial cosmetics.

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We share some tips on wearing eye makeup. The 6 steps are easy to follow. You can try on our products and use the tips we share with you. We believe the result will not let you down. For more information on cosmetics, you can check our official website.