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Do you know how to rehydrate mascara? Many people usually wear less makeup and use mascara slowly. Mascara may become dry if it is not used for a long time. It is also possible that the mascara may become dry due to improper storage and untimely tightening of the tube. Do you think that once the mascara becomes dry, it can only be thrown into the trash and bought new? It’s not true. The mascara that has been dried can still be saved.

The unsealed mascara, if used improperly, will easily cause air to enter the mascara tube. The mascara in the tube will evaporate after encountering the air, thus causing it to become dry. At this time, mascara can still be used. If it has been put for a long time, such as one year or two, it is recommended to discard it directly, otherwise it may affect the hygiene and health of the eyes.

How to rehydrate mascara?
Mascara is a cosmetic that is often used to level up our eyes makeup. Some girls may have more than one mascara, and the amount of mascara needed each time is relatively small, so it is likely that some mascara will be dried before it is used up. A little mascara is not cheap, and it is a pity to throw it away. What if the mascara is dry?

First of all, the simplest way is to prepare a pot of hot water, pour the hot water into a large bowl, and then tighten the dried mascara and put it into the hot water to soak. Soak it for a few minutes before taking it out. This method can not only “wake up” the dried mascara, but also make it softer and easier to apply.

Another method you can try is to add something into the mascara to rehydrate it! For example, add two drops of eye drops to the dried mascara and shake it well. Do not drop too much at one time, otherwise it will lose its waterproof effect, so it is easy to take off after a few hours.

Some people may ask, I don’t usually use eye drops, so can I add perfume? The answer is yes. Add two drops of perfume to the dried mascara, and then gently shake it. When the perfume and mascara are completely integrated, the mascara will be completely refreshed. However, because perfume contains alcohol, it is likely to irritate the skin around the eyes. Therefore, it is recommended that friends with sensitive skin should not use this method. After all, the smell is also quite irritating.

How to rehydrate mascara if it became solidified? For mascara that has solidified, you can choose to use olive oil to “wake up” mascara. Because olive oil itself can effectively promote the growth of eyelashes, and the oil ingredients contained in olive oil can also effectively dissolve the already solidified mascara. So add two drops of olive oil to the mascara and shake it gently. Of course, you should pay attention not to add too much, otherwise it will become liquid.

Like olive oil, the oil in vitamin E can dissolve mascara, and vitamin E can increase the length of eyelashes to some extent. So when the mascara is dry, add about two drops of vitamin E oil to it, and then make it even.

Of course, the above methods are suitable for rescuing mascara that is still in its shelf life. The most important thing is that when we use mascara, we unscrew the lid and still spin out the brush head in the form of rotation. Do not pull out the brush head directly, which can prevent the mascara in the tube from solidifying rapidly.

When we need to dip the brush head in mascara again, it should also be rotated and sent back to the tube. It should be noted that the normal use period of mascara is usually about 2-3 months. Because the bottle cap is often opened and closed, bacteria may enter the eyes. The eyes are not as sensitive as the skin or organs of other parts of us. If you feel itchy with mascara, it is really because the mascara has bacteria. Don’t use it at this time. You need to change a new mascara!