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Do you know what is purple concealer for? It is a kind of special shade to counteract and cover blemishes and spots on your face. Today, many special color concealers are recommended by beauties, such as green, yellow, orange, of course, and purple. Professional coloring concealers help us to neutralize the different tones on our skin, especially those who are confused about acne, or dull skin, but want to makeup. Here, let me tell you more about the coloring concealers, especially the purple ones.

What is purple concealer for and how about other concealers?

If you think your skin is sallow, you can try purple concealer. Purple concealer can counteract and brighten your skin. The sallow tones and other yellow blemishes in your skin can be covered by purple in all its range. OR you can pick it around the lips, it gets you a flawless foundation. With it neutralizing the tones of your skin, you will get a healthier appearance.

Green concealer is the best friend of beauties who are in trouble with pimples and acne. The red tones are perfectly covered by the green shade. If you are afraid the green shade won’t go well, you blend it with some skin colors.

Yellow concealer can cover the under-eye area to make dark circles disappear. It can be also used as a highlighter to brighten some areas on your face, like the bridge of your nose, chin, and brow ridge.

Do the dark circles under your eyes go blue-colored and get ugly? Orange concealer will help you to neutral such colors. Also, it can blend with other colors, making coloring shades on your skin look natural and healthy.

What is purple concealer for and how to apply purple concealer?

Tip 1 Apply it before the foundation

The color-correcting concealers are different from the normal concealer. We need to apply it before the foundation because the color will neutralize the skin tone first. When we apply the shade, if the color is not so natural, you can add some skin shades to make the color right on your face.

Tip 2 Apply it with fingertips or a dome brush

The application of the purple concealer is generally the same as usual. You can pick some on your fingertips or with a dome brush. If you think the purple shade is not so perfect for your skin tone, you can mix it with some orange or yellow on a clean palette. Apply it to the key area and blend it from the center to the outward.

Tip 3 How does the color-correcting concealer work?

You may think applying strange colors on your face is out of mind, right? Here, I will tell you how the color-correcting concealer work. Why the green, purple, orange, and yellow shades can be concealers? Do you still remember the Color Wheel we learned at school? That is. Professional beauty artists have a rudimentary knowledge of colors so they make different but special makeup. For instance, green neutralizes red and that is the reason green concealer can deal with acne and pimples.

Since we have had an idea of what purple concealer is, some other tips are for beauties who are interested in it. Don’t overuse it. A little will work a lot. Every time we apply, the thin layer will satisfy the whole makeup. And use it right, use it in the right place on your skin, so that magic can happen.

Product recommendation

Newbies who have an idea about what is purple concealer may be afraid that you cannot apply it well. Thus, I would like to recommend some skin-tone concealers. You don’t need to worry about failing to handle it, for it is easy to go with you.

The product is The Perfect Diary Clear Cover 3-color Concealer Palette. It is creamy and easily blended, to give your face a firmer and more lifted look. You can pick some with the attached container to put on your fingertips. A little will have a huge difference. Apply it on the under-eye area to cover the dark circle. You also can cover the spot on your face with it. Blend it with your finger or a tiny brush. The light color one can be used as a highlighter.