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Can you use setting spray as primer? Yes, you can! Makeup setting sprays are skin care products that can be used as a primer before makeup. That is to say, after using the makeup setting spray, you must use a makeup primer, liquid foundation, etc. in time, otherwise, the makeup will easily come off and the makeup will feel heavy.

Makeup setting spray is a kind of makeup product that is very popular and loved by female friends now. Makeup setting spray has a good effect on setting makeup and makeup. The misty texture of the spray has a certain concealing power, and it will become more natural on the makeup surface.

The makeup setting effect is also very good, but be careful not to drop the water droplets after spraying, and the time should not be too long. After spraying on the face, it should be clean, otherwise, it will easily cause the makeup to be dull and make the face look dirty.

Can you use setting spray as primer? Yes, it can moisturize your face when used before makeup. Makeup setting spray has the effect of hydrating and moisturizing and can be used for basic skin care, making the skin more supple and making the follow-up makeup more docile. When using makeup, you just spray on your face, and let your face dry before applying makeup.

Before applying makeup, use makeup setting spray to wet the beauty sponge, and then dip it into the base makeup to maintain the long-lasting makeup on the face. If you use a setting spray to dampen the brush and then apply eye shadow, the color of the eye shadow will be more vivid and the eye makeup will last longer. Avoid eye makeup fly powder.

The main ingredient of makeup setting spray is mineral water, which sets makeup through the effect of setting makeup and sun protection. It can even apply the moisturizing lotion sprayed on the cotton pad to the face, preventing the chemical substances in the cotton pad from irritating the skin, and at the same time preventing the water in the spray from evaporating, making the texture of the cotton pad softer.

Here we will show you how to apply setting spray after makeup.

1. Wipe off the excess makeup on the face with a tissue or cotton pad, then spray it on the finished base makeup, press it with a dry facial tissue to absorb excess water, and then spray the makeup setting spray, it can be done in a short time. Rejuvenate the skin.

2. Gently press the face with a tissue to absorb excess water, and apply a makeup setting spray on the oily area.

3. Gently press the face with a tissue, let the makeup setting spray on the face, and then rub a little water on the makeup setting puff, and the makeup setting spray can be set on the whole face.

4. Finally, spray a small amount of makeup setting spray again, which can help the makeup product to keep the makeup perfectly all day long. How much to spray the makeup setting spray? The amount of makeup setting spray for oily skin on the face should not be too much. You can spray a small amount of time on your face, or you can spray a small amount of time. The reason for this is to not affect the follow-up makeup.

Can you use setting spray as primer? Hope now you have the answer. But do remember one point, the setting spray has no colors and other functions except the above we mentioned. If you want to even your skin tone, you should use a primer.

One of the most important roles of a primer is to isolate the skin. Apply a layer of primer before makeup, which can keep the skin in a gentle and clean state, and isolate the impact of makeup on the skin. If you apply foundation without primer, it is easy to cause clogged pores, and it will also lead to makeup and powder removal.

The primer is generally used before makeup and has a variety of shades to choose from. Therefore, the base cream has a certain effect of adjusting the skin tone, which can make the overall skin tone more uniform. In this case, you should also use a primer if you want to hide your imperfections.