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Many people wonder how to use lip scrub. In the winter time, some people feel that their lips are particularly dry, especially when they are applying lipstick, and it is easy to peel. In fact, lips need to be exfoliated as well.

What is it and for?

Lip scrub is a skincare product used to care for the lips, it can help remove the aging skin of the lips, scrub particles are very delicate, with fingers feel basically cannot feel. Because the lip skin is relatively fragile, so use lip scrub will not overly hurt the lip skin, but also can be a good exfoliation of the lips.

How to use lip scrub

Before using it, you need to wash your mouth first, if you have lip makeup, you need to remove the lip makeup first, then you can use a hot towel on your lips, the time is about 2-3 minutes, the purpose is to soften the dead skin.

After the towel, you can use the lip scrub, the general lip scrub shape and lipstick is similar, of course, there are some is a jar of scrub, either kind can be directly wiped to the lips. If it is lipstick-shaped scrub can first be repeatedly applied on the lips, and then gently rubbed with your fingers.

During the rubbing process, the dead skin is unknowingly rubbed off, after which rinse with water and dry with a tissue or clean towel, and finally apply a layer of lip balm, which can play a moisturizing role. Of course, if it is time for makeup, you can also apply makeup directly after this.

How to care for your lips in winter

Normal slightly dry lips – deep nourishing and moisturizing

If your lips are still soft, you may want to apply more moisturizing and hydrating lip balm in winter, and just pay attention to nourishing and moisturizing. However, if your lips are already dry, cracked and peeling, you need to do some first aid work.

Already dry and cracked lips – hot towels on the lips to gently remove dead skin

When doing lip mask doubling care at night, be careful of the lips that already have problems, you can use a hot towel on the lips for 3-5 minutes before going to bed, then gently brush off the dead skin on the lips with a soft brush, and then smear on a thick lip balm (containing chamomile, calendula and honey ingredients) for a week, so that the lips can be restored to moist.

Lips with frequent makeup – lip makeup removal is the key

The winter lip makeup removal is very critical, if the makeup removal is not complete, it will also lead to dull and dry lips, serious cases may be infected with “lipstick disease”. Therefore, choosing lip gloss with moisturizing effect is more suitable for people with sensitive lips in winter than lipstick.

Sensitive skin lips – strengthen the soothing function

Skin that is prone to sensitivity and redness is more prone to dry and cracked lips in the dry and cold winter months! We recommend using lip care products with natural plant ingredients and anti-sensitive effects.

By this point, you may be wondering: why do you need to exfoliate the dead skin

Firstly, the stratum corneum is the outermost layer of our skin tissue, 28 days is a cycle of its metabolism. The stratum corneum has the role of skin protection, moisturizing, sun protection, and at the same time can effectively prevent the invasion of some microorganisms and bacteria.

If in the normal metabolic period it is not completely shed to leave our skin, then over time our stratum corneum will slowly accumulate, leading to various symptoms, such as acne.

Secondly, because a lot of rough skin, not smooth enough, skin tone appears dull, yellowing, are likely to be caused by too long without exfoliation.

Can lip scrubs be used every day?

How to use lip scrub and can lip scrub be used every day? No. using too often will not only make the pores bigger, but also make your cuticle thinner. If you use it too often, your skin will lose its protection and become susceptible to sunburn, infection, allergies and wrinkles. Once or twice a week is enough, preferably in conjunction with a moisturizer.