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Do you know how to use eyeshadow primer? The eye makeup painting method is very important because beautiful eyes need to be decorated according to the detailed makeup, especially in summer, which may cause floating powder due to sweating, the application sequence of eye primer is: It is important to start by following the proper process.

Makeup is the same as skin care. Not only do you need to follow its application process, but also some of the methods must be grasped. Otherwise, no matter how good the product is, it will not be able to fully play its role if it is used in the wrong place or the wrong order. This is very important.

Some people think that the eye primer is very troublesome, so they will directly skip this step and go to eye shadow. It is necessary to choose an eye primer to replace the foundation on the eye area. Compared with foundation, eye primer has a thinner and lighter texture, and it is easy to fit on the skin, so that eye shadow and eyeliner can better adhere to it so that the color of eye shadow can be maximized.

Eye primer should be used after the air cushion foundation. It is specially prepared to cover dark circles and spots around the eyes. Just dip a small amount at a time and apply it around the eyes, then spread it around the eyes, and then use The usage of eye shadow and eyeliner is similar to that of eye cream, so generally as long as you figure out the order in which it is used, the usage is very simple.

Eye primer can also be used to prevent cosmetics from directly contacting the skin, and to avoid damage to the skin caused by cosmetics. In addition, it can conceal and brighten the eye area, control the oil secretion of the skin, reduce the oily eyelids, and make the eye makeup last longer.

How to use eyeshadow primer correctly?
The order of use of eye primer is as follows: facial cleanser, lotion, sunscreen, cushion foundation, eye primer, eye shadow, eyeliner, loose powder, etc. It needs to be used after the air cushion foundation, that is, after applying the foundation makeup, it can be used as an eye concealer product, and eye shadow and eyeliner can be used behind it to avoid dryness around the eyes.

After base makeup, take an appropriate amount of eye primer with your fingertips and gently dab it on the skin around the eyes. First, place three dots on the lower part of the eye, and then gently push them away in the direction from the end of the eye to the tip of the eye. Also on the top of the eyelid, lightly apply, then gently push away, and spread evenly. After waiting for 30 seconds, you can easily apply eye makeup.

Some primers on the market usually come with a brush, the brush head is relatively slender, you can dip a small amount of primer, and then apply it to the inner and outer corners of the eyes, and upper and lower eyelids like you usually apply eye cream, and then use your fingers. It spreads out, and if you have dark circles or crow’s feet, and dark spots, you can apply a little more to these areas.

Are eye primers hypoallergenic? Some friends may like this functional primer. It has a certain effect, but not all of them can, and it needs to look at the ingredients inside. If the eye primer contains bifidobacterial yeast, it can fight the aging problems caused by light and protect the skin from UV damage. If it contains squalane, it can build a natural protective film, which can indeed prevent allergies around the eyes, but if these ingredients are not available, it cannot be prevented.

How to use eyeshadow primer? Sure now you have a better understanding. Eyeshadow primer can help your eyeshadow last longer than you expected, and well protect the coloring. It is a must-have item if you have needs to wear eye makeup every day, especially for those who need to wear heavy makeup or go out under the hot sun.