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Do you apply eyeliner gel with brush? Do you wet the brush before using it? Many questions will be asked by new cosmetics learners or little girls when they first make up. We definitely don’t need to wet the brush before dipping it in the gel eyeliner. You will only need to wet the bristles when you want to clean the brush. So today we are going to discuss more gel eyeliner here! First, start with the gel eyeliner itself!

The benefits of using gel eyeliner

Eyeliner gel with brush is getting widely used no matter for processional cosmetics or individuals. The most attractive is that the gel is more vivid, silky, and long-lasting. Thus people when tend to apply eyeliner gel when they are going for sports, climbing, or anywhere, especially in a hot and humid environment. It will bring you the most noticeable looks!

Comparing gel eyeliner with other eyeliner stuff like pencils, liquid, etc, you will find out that the color intensity of gel eyeliner is vivid, unlike eyeliner pencil. It is not as dark as that of liquid liners so looks more natural. Compared to pencil, the payoff is better also. The gel eyeliners can provide the best performance for daily or red-carpet looks for their long-lasting and not blurry-out easily.

Unlike liquid or pencil liners, gel eyeliners are easy to apply for shapes by creating seamless lines. If you are a new leaner, you may not be able to draw perfect eye makeup by yourself for the first time using a pencil or liquid liners. But if you use an eyeliner gel with brush, you can simply dip a little bit of gel, then draw any lines and create different up-to-date fashion eye makeup to match your looks!

The other key feature of a gel eyeliner is that it won’t slide off easily like other types of eyeliners. It’s very user-friendly. And it is smooth and soft, unlike pencil that may be too sharp for someone whose eyes are sensitive. If you use liquid liners, you may feel lines blurry in your lashes quickly just in a second. This won’t happen if you use the gel well.

What brush do you use for gel eyeliners?

The typical gel eyeliners come in a small pot. You can apply them with brushes that are sold separately or buy a set. The finer the brush, the more control you’ll have with the makeup. So you may look for a brush to help you.

The angled brush is the most recommend brush to use for gel eyeliners. This kind of brush will give your more control and allow you to draw any lines as stable as you want. Together with gel eyeliners, they are the perfect partners for any looks.

After you are done with your makeup, don’t forget to clean the brush gently and dry it. For both the gel and brush, you should keep them in good hands due to hydration and functional purpose. This is also the best way to store and clean your cosmetics.

How to apply eyeliner gel with brush?

Just now we mentioned the good points about gel eyeliners, it is friendly to apply and easy to remove. You may be interested in some simple tips when applying gel eyeliners. Watch this!

First, dip a little gel eyeliner with an eyeliner brush, press on the back of the hand to spread evenly, draw horizontally on the side, and adjust the direction of the bristles and the amount of eyeliner. Start from the middle of the root of the upper eyelid and eyelashes, dizzy to both sides, and apply several times repeatedly.

If you want to draw the eyeliner under the eyes, you can adjust the eyeliner brush to a flat shape, and apply a layering on the periphery. Finally, wipe off the excess paste with a cotton swab. When using eyeliner, use the eyeliner brush to draw from the middle of the root of the eyelashes to both sides. The force should be light and slow and use a small amount and multiple times to avoid eyelids getting messy.

By doing so, you will find drawing a perfect line is simple and easy. You can start with this step and fulfill the triangle zone of your eyelid if you want to do a retro cat-eye. You can smudge the line out to draw a super hot smoky eye to nail the party! The gel eyeliner won’t fail you of its water-proof and long-lasting features.

The above method is only a way of applying gel eyeliner. If you want to do a different style, you can always refer to the videos and KOL. No surprise to find them using our eyeliner gel with brush, it is a hit now!