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What’s the best brush for contouring? As an important part of makeup, grooming is an essential step in people’s daily makeup. If you want to create a perfect three-dimensional makeup look, you should not only rely on the base makeup but also rely on highlighting and contouring to make the face look more three-dimensional and good-looking.

A good grooming brush can make our makeup more effective, so in the face of all kinds of grooming brushes on the market, how should we choose? There are so many different types of makeup brushes on the market for different cosmetics applications. Today, let’s talk about different contouring brushes first.

Looking for the best brush for contouring?

If you feel that your face shape is not perfect enough and you want to change it, try to practice your contouring techniques! Let’s talk about the characteristics of this type of brush with dry makeup first.

First of all, their bristle is not as densely arranged as the base makeup brush, and it is relatively loose. The density of the bristle is related to the powder grasping power. No matter whether you use loose powder or contouring blush, you don’t need to use too much. Thus a good powder gripping brush can help you save makeup powder and energy.

Flat brushes are often used with contouring powder as a contouring brush. Flat brushes are more suitable for contouring the jawline, both circular and straight back and forth. In other places where the skin may be sunken, it is not so convenient to use a flat brush.

Angled brushes are also very popular in the market and are often paired with blush and highlight/shadow powders. The beveled brush head is the most common basic grooming brush, and almost every girl has it. The bevel is more suitable for people’s facial lines, and the beveled brush generally only has a partial bevel, unlike the tapered brush, which is beveled on all sides.

The fan brush is also used by many people, it is often used with highlights, or as a finishing touch. The fan-shaped brush does not have a strong grasp of powder, and the shape is very flat. It is especially suitable for highlights in the upper and narrow areas, such as the highlight between the present and the chin. Sweep a few times with the remaining powder brush. Of course, the fan-shaped brush can be the best brush for contouring as a residual powder brush.

Generally, after the loose powder is set, you can use the residual powder brush to gently sweep a few times from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside, and brush off the excess loose powder, which can prevent the loose powder from caking after oil is released.

Usually when you are shopping for different brushes, the smaller the size, the denser the bristle will be, and the stronger the powder grip will be. You should choose the size according to how much you put powder on. This can be also applied to other types of brushes as well. Normally when you are contouring the nose or chin, the smaller size will work.

Generally speaking, there are really a lot of contouring creams on the market, and the brush types are different. The contouring palette generally uses powder brushes, concealer brushes, blush brushes, eye shadow brushes, eyebrow brushes, and lip brushes. But the real professional contour cream is a bit flat, with a downward arc, contouring highlights, shadow, blush, etc.

The combination of the three will make the face more refined and three-dimensional. High-light shadows are generally powdery textures, so there is a requirement for the brush’s ability to pick up powder. The best material is natural animal hair, followed by horse hair, then goat hair, preferably mink hair, but within the same hair, the quality is still uneven You can choose based on your budget.

From the beginning, you can choose something affordable. After your makeup skill becomes advanced, you can update your brushes step by step. People who love grooming need a good grooming brush! You can choose a brush with animal hair, which does not pierce your face at all and is soft to the touch. It is very comfortable and convenient to use regardless of whether you have sensitive skin.