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  5. Why are people addicted to super gazed lip creme?

Super gazed lip creme is a kind of lipstick, which is moist, shiny, and easy to apply. The texture of it is sticky. This creamy formula leaves a glossy, non-sticky finish. Wear over bare lips or on top of your lip fondants for a juicy, fuller look. It looks similar to lip gloss. It is an upgraded version of lip gloss. It is also a combination of lipstick and lip gloss. It has excellent color and durability. It will keep your lips hydrated from winter through summer.

How to make your lips attractive?
Lips are a key part of makeup. They are the most prominent color on your face. So, if you want to look good, a bright lip is necessary. You know what? For Hollywood stars, if there was only one cosmetic choice, it would be lipstick. So, if you want to look good at all times, everyone must have a suitable gazed lip creme.

Truly attractive lips are those that look soft and naturally rosy, which can be achieved with a super gazed lip creme and a series of skilled application techniques. Lip glaze can increase the beauty of the face and modify the lip contour. Lip glaze is particularly good in moisturizing effects. The lips can feel moist with it. There’s no need to worry that your lips will become dry or cracked.

How to use the super gazed lip creme?
For step1, apply a moisturizing lip balm to your lips. For the second step, apply a layer of lip glaze after five minutes, and then rub it in with your fingers. This will make the color more natural and last longer. Try not to use brushes or other tools. Point the lip glaze on the lips with the sponge head, and then with your fingers.

Lastly, for the third step, if you like the feeling of water moistening, apply the lip glaze evenly. If you like the matte surface, you can gently sip it with a paper towel. And it will be a beautiful matte color.

Floating Light Lip Gloss Heartbeat Collection
Color: 113 Spoil me
This is an ice-flavored garnet that makes you look very sweet. This lip glaze creates a crystal lip look. It will also make your skin look fair and clear. It will give you a tender red lip even in winter.
Color: 114 Crush on you
This is a chestnut red-brown lip gloss. The watery texture makes lips shiny and bright. This color easily creates a sense of autumn and winter atmosphere. It makes you look beautiful and ruthless. Put on a khaki windbreaker, and you are like a fashion modern queen walking in the autumn wind street.

Weightless Velvet Lip Stain Heartbeat Collection
Color: 013 Only you
It looks like a mixture of butter and apricots. It’s a matte velvet texture. This lip glaze is creamy apricot when thinly painted and earthy orange when thickly painted. This color will make you look pure and seductive. This lip glaze is perfect for everyday makeup.
Color: 014 Miss you
This one is the color of a chocolate Earl Grey. The right shade of brown is perfect for everyday makeup. It makes you look mature without being over the top. Thickly apply this lip glaze and match it with a tall ponytail to make you a cool guy. It instantly lifts your aura and makes you look great.

How to maintain your Lips?
If you want to have beautiful lips, it is not enough to just have beautiful lipstick. You also need to know a few things about lip skin care. Why does the lip be dry? How does the lip grain appear? Since the tissue layer on the lips is only one-third as thick as the skin of the body and there are no sweat holes or sebaceous glands.

So, the lips are naturally sensitive to the drying air and low temperature, especially in autumn. Dry lips can cause wrinkles or peeling of the skin and tarnish the lipstick. Even oily lipsticks can do nothing to change the situation. What’s more, the muscles of the lips thin and tender.

Therefore, as for the routine care of our skin of lips, there is more attention needed. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful the lipstick is, it doesn’t look beautiful on a lip that’s covered in wrinkles and dead skin. For the first thing, regular exfoliation is essential, which smooths and moistens the lips while maintaining and calming them down.  

Be careful: don’t do that too much, it’s OK once a week. Besides, both lip masks and sunscreen lip balm are very important. Lip membranes help hydrate. Besides, lip creme also contains moisturizing components. Choosing a good quality super glazed lip creme can also effectively moisturize.