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How to remove eye pencil? Eyeliner is an essential part of our makeup, which makes our eyes more charming and sexy. If you are already skilled in makeup, then outlining your eyeliner is effortless for you. However, removing eye makeup, especially eyeliner, sometimes isn’t so easy.

The Importance of Removing Eye Makeup
Most of the cosmetics for the eyes contain minerals and metals. If eye makeup is not removed cleanly, it will lead to the deposition of these ingredients to the eyes, which will lead to long-term melanin deposits in the eyes and loss of luster of the skin around the eyes. In addition, eye makeup is not removed cleanly for a long time, or not cleaned properly,the skin around the eyes will become rough and dull, and it will cause clogged pores.

Use A Special Eye Makeup Remover
There are three types of makeup removers according to their texture: full oil, semi-oil and full water. In terms of cleaning strength, full oil eye and lip makeup remover is stronger, this kind of makeup remover is not very suitable to remove eyeliner, but remove mascara and lipstick is very good.

The semi-oil eye and lip makeup remover is in the form of water and oil, so when you use it, you need to shake it evenly. This makeup remover also cleans well and is more suitable for eyeliner drawn with eyeliner gel pens and eyeliner creams. When choosing a makeup remover, be aware that a good quality makeup remover is one that has a clear separation between water and oil.

The one with the least cleaning power is the full water eye and lip makeup remover. This kind of makeup remover is suitable for using liquid eyeliner pencil which is not very strong in adhesion, but not for removing thick mascara and lipstick.

Tips on How to Remove Eye Pencil
STEP1: Prepare cotton pads and cotton swabs, wet them with water and then press them lightly with your hands to remove some water.

STEP2: Pour the makeup remover onto the cotton pad, soaking it until it covers your eyes. Prepare the cotton swab in advance and dip it in the makeup remover as well.

STEP3: Hold a cotton pad under your eyes with the fingers of your left hand and hold another cotton pad with the fingers of your right hand. With the cotton pad held by the fingers of the right hand, start to gently press and rub the eye makeup.

STEP4: After the upper eyelid is roughly cleaned of makeup, begin mascara removal by removing the mascara on a cotton pad placed under the eyes, which will avoid damaging the delicate skin around the eyes.

STEP5: Next, take out a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and wipe away any small dirt between the lashes.

STEP6: Gently wipe the underside of the eyes, this method will reduce the pulling of the skin and avoid the formation of fine lines around the eyes. Finally, the residual dirt inside the corner of the eyes can be wiped clean with a cotton swab, and then clean the whole face.

More: How to Remove Eye Pencil on Clothes
• Use laundry detergent. When the clothes are dry, apply the laundry detergent to the place where the eyeliner is stuck and leave it for 5 minutes. Then scrub the stain under the faucet and let the water wash away the eyeliner fluid adhering to the clothing fibers to prevent it from sticking to the clothing fibers again, and finally rinse the whole piece of clothing clean.
But pay attention to the pre-application of laundry detergent, a piece of cardboard or fabric pad underneath the clothes to prevent the dissolved eyeliner solution from penetrating to the other side of the clothes, causing secondary stains.

• Use makeup remover to remove, and then wash with cleanser. Finally, use laundry detergent to further rinse clean.

Removing eyeliner is not easy and requires some skills. If removed blindly and roughly, it can easily damage the delicate skin of our eyes. If the eyeliner is not removed cleanly, it can also cause damage to the skin. We hope the above will help you on how to remove eye pencil.